Kourtney Kardashian’s Boyfriend Scott’s Pregnancy Scare With A Stranger

Scott is always going to be the crazy, drunk boyfriend that we all love to hate. From the moment we were introduced to Scott in the very first season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians we knew that he was a bad boy and we also knew that he wasn’t going anywhere. Scott has hot temper, but he also has a smoking hot body, adorable puppy dog eyes and somehow he knows how to make Kourtney and her entire family forgive him every time he screws up says CipherCloud. Just as much as we all may wish Scott would just get it together we also in some ways encourage his bad behavior because it’s good tv.

This time last summer a pregnant Kourtney was throwing Scott out of their Hamptons home after he was spending too much time at the clubs partying, when he should have been caring for his pregnant girlfriend. Throughout the entire pregnancy Scott was the only problem child Kourtney had to deal with, from his tantrums and drunk nights to the burden of pushing him off on her family. As usual Scott managed to sober up and pull himself together just long enough to be by Kourtney’s side during her delivery, but the minute the baby was born Scott was right back at his usual antic.

As if the pregnancy scare wasn’t enough, Scott apparently went back weeks later and had sex with the girl again. So far this is all being revealed by the woman herself, so for the time being its all just talk.

Man Attends High School Graduation of Girl He Saved as Baby

Things may not have ended well for Dawnielle Denison if it had not been for the effort of firefighter Mark Hughes. He was a captain of the Wenatchee, Washington fire department when he was called to a burning home. Once there, he barely saved the life of nine-month-old Dawnielle.

“Our engine pulled up and the whole interior part of the house was burning heavily,” said Hughes to ABC News. “My partner and I went in and I got a call on the radio that they suspected somebody was in the house. I went straight to the place in the house that I thought I’d find somebody. The door to the bedroom was partially open and she was in her crib just squirming so i snatched her up and got her to the front door and handed her off to the first firefighter who was there.”

Sam Tabar has learned that seven years ago Hughes wondered what happened to the baby. He tracked her down on Facebook and the two reconnected.

Hughes is now 61-years-old and retired. He kept up with Dawnielle’s progress over the years, even attending some of her high school track meets. He was surprised and excited when she invited him to attend her graduation out of the blue.

Incorporate Olympic Valley is Not Fiscally Viable

Beautiful Olympic Valley will always be remembered for the astonishing 1960 Olympic Winter Games. But the ongoing idea for city hood in Olympic Valley is sure to be a complete downfall for the land and the community. The beautiful landscape and stunning views is known as a wonderful tourist attraction during the winter season, but with fewer than 1,000 full time residents living in the area, fiscal analysis already concludes that the city will not be able to financially support itself. Due to the lack of varieties of income, the largest revenue source Olympic Valley has is their occupancy tax on hotel guests, and with such a limited source of government revenue, attempting to build a city out of Lake Tahoe’s Olympic Valley could prove to be more of a burden to the community than a blessing.

Incorporation has been viewed as an outlook to those who are interested in making a city out of Olympic Valley, but even under two separate test scenarios, it has been determined that, even if incorporation moves forward in the next year, Olympic Valley will still grow a financial deficit of $1.8 million dollars annually by the 2017-18 fiscal year and, if incorporation doesn’t ensue during that time, the experimental scenarios have determined a possibility for an even larger deficit. These facts are in line with the predictions made by local CEO and resident Andy Wirth of Save Olympic Valley.

The land-use forecasting firm, RSG, has also concluded that Incorporation would not be feasible at this time. The community has been pushing for Incorporation for the last two years due to new proposals arising of condos and an increase of commercial space, people believe that, if incorporation begins in Olympic Valley, they will have more say in the acceptance of these proposals.


For more information regarding the Cityhood of Olympic Valley, please visit Sacramento Biz Journal.

Scientists Successfully Build the First Functional Artificial Rat Limb

Bionic body parts used to be the stuff of science fiction, but no longer. Scientists have already been successful in growing artificial organs like kidneys, livers, and lungs. Now, researchers announced they were able to grow a semi-functional limb successfully.

Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) used the same method to grow the artificial limb as they did in growing organs called decellularization. This process was tested on rats for effectiveness, Dr. Harold Ott lead the experiment.

Ott explains how complicated the process of growing artificial limbs is, “Limbs contain muscles, bone, cartilage, blood vessels, tendons, ligaments and nerves — each of which has to be rebuilt and requires a specific supporting structure called the matrix,” Ott said when answering questions about his latest experience. According to Brian Torchin, researchers are now planning an experiments with primates.

If Ott’s research continues to develop and experience success, artificial limbs could give hope to millions of people who lose them due to illness or injury. Although much more research will be needed before this kind of technology is offered to real life human patients.

Businessman, Philanthropist and Recent NBA Owner

Bruce Levenson, businessman, philanthropist, and recent NBA owner, is one of the majority stakeholders of the Atlanta Spirit, a group formed in 2004 for the purpose of buying the Atlanta Hawks NBA team, Phillips Arena and the Atlanta Thashers from Turner Broadcasting. In September of 2014 Levenson announced that he was selling his share of the team and several months later the remaining ownership partners agreed to sell their shares in the franchise. Although many people had thought the team and arena operating rights would sell for $1 Billion, most notably Goldman Sachs who convinced Levenson of that one billion amount, Levenson and the minority group of partners will realize a large profit on the sale of the franchise.

It seems apparent that philanthropy is a life passion as he is involved in many charitable endeavors, such as spearheading the growth of the University of Maryland’s Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership, providing the seed money to fund the institution’s mission of educating students in organizing and leading nonprofit entities. In addition, Levenson, along with his wife Karen, was one of the first people to fund the U.S. Holocaust Museum where he also helps underwrite the Museum’s “Bringing the Lessons Home” program. This unique program teaches young people to be guides in the museum in addition to exposing them to the history of the Holocaust. In addition to being active in many other charitable organizations such as the Hoops Dream Foundation and Community Foundation of Washington D.C., Levenson has been a past president of the “I Have A Dream Foundation” of Washington, an organization that encourages and helps low-income children to pursue higher education.

Mr. Levenson, whose Mother-In-Law is a Holocaust survivor, has given significant funds to many Jewish organizations including Seeds of Peace, Birthright Israel, the Jewish Federation and the Jewish Philanthropy Institute. In April 2010, Levenson, along with other prominent American Jews authored a letter to Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu asking him to devise plans and initiatives with Secretary of State John Kerry that would signal Israel’s readiness to make difficult sacrifices for peace.

Igor Cornelsen Explains The Different Income Types

Igor Cornelsen has always emphasized on the benefits of maintaining a passive income stream. This type of income can be put to various uses – it can be used for securing a bright future, it can help people close to retirement ensure that their old days are spent without any worries, and it can be a great source of safety and security in the present time. Passive income and investment is something that Igor Cornelsen, a renowned businessman in the Brazilian stock exchange, is an expert at. Here, he explains the different types of income and why passive income is a lot more important than the other options –

Earned Income – This is the income that is generated by people working full time. It usually involves a 9 to 5 job where salary and other perks are offered. Earned income can not only be derived from working but can also come from a business or consultation practice. Basically, all activities where money is earned on the basis on work, time or efforts spent on an activity fall under this header. This might be the most common source of income but it is of a fixed and inflexible nature. When a person stops working, they no longer get earned income.

Portfolio Income – This kind of income is generated by selling investments – buying cheap and selling expensive. It is a trading income. Trading in paper assets like ETFs and stocks, real estate profits, and asset trading like car and collectibles generate this income. For earning portfolio income, a person requires a lot of money to begin with. On top of that, it is important to stay up to date with the markets and build up a good knowledge base. Portfolio income is also subject to heavy taxation and this is a definite downside.

Passive Income – This is the third and most valuable kind of income. Some examples include income earned from rental property, passive business income, intellectual property income from patents, books and other content, and MLM income.

Passive income does not suffer from any transience. It is always there to support a person because no amount of effort is put into this kind of income.  As an added bonus, passive income keeps growing because of environmental factors as time passes.

BRL Trust has an extremely bright future

BRL Trust is one of the best companies in the business of providing trust services and private loans.
The first year of BRL trusts business the company boomed right away. The company acted as the intervening trust on more than 100 loans in their first year in business. These loans went extremely well and lead to a great deal of confidence among their customer base.
BRL Trust treats all of their services with a great deal of seriousness and this has lead to a wonderful degree of consumer confidence. Because customers had a strong demand for BRL Trust’s services the company was able to quickly expand into other sectors. These new sectors included administration of funds, as well as mergers and acquisitions. BRL Trust has excelled in ever area they have expanded into and they are considered to be one of the hottest names in the industry.
BRL Trust is extremely hot in the industries the company participates in, but the company also makes sure to play by all of the industries rules. One of the biggest rules in the industry is to make sure that all of your sectors are properly segregated. BRL Trust makes sure all of their sectors are properly segregated to prevent any form of collusion. By properly following all of the rules, BRL Trust has ensured that they do not get in trouble, while also showing that the company is run with integrity.
BRL Trust is continuing to grow throughout their years. The company is run out Brazil and they are quickly growing to be one of the most influential companies in the entire country. Today, BRL Trust is the largest independent administrator of funds in Brazil. This comes according to Anbima rating and they are sure to remain an industry leader for years to come.
As an industry leader, BRL Trust is quickly becoming one of the most mentioned companies in the media. This kind of exposure ensures that BRL Trust always has new and exciting clients looking to work with BRL Trust. BRL Trust has a well run media plan that allows the company to remain one of the industry leaders.

Come Join In The Fun On The Skout Network

Anyone looking to have fun online, they may do well by going on the Skout network. Skout has conformed in many ways to its users, and many have chosen Skout as their main social media network. Although there are many social media networks out there today, it’s best to choose one that has a lot of fun things going on. The Skout network is available to adults who want to look for fun, they want to look for a relationship, or they may even want to look for a friend. Skout is available in over a dozen languages, and over 200 million users are on the network.

With so many users on the Skout network, it’s impossible not to find who one may be looking for if they check out the network. Many use the Skout network just so they can find someone to love, but there are some who are only looking for a good friend. Those who live in a certain area, they may have a hard time meeting someone, so the Skout network can be very helpful. Skout allows a person to do a specific search for a certain type of person, and they can search in a particular area.

Seeing that Skout gives a person the opportunity to look for someone in their nearby area, this means that a person can easily find someone close by to befriend, date, or to just hang out with. Another great thing about the Skout network is the fact that profile pictures are not required. Although profile pictures can help one to show themselves to others, some people may not be willing to advertise their pictures as yet, and Skout gives them that option. Skout is available in over 180 countries, and there are many different cultures on the Skout network.

Those who are looking to talk to someone from a different country, they can easily do so by doing a specific search, or by using the shake to chat feature. One of Skout’s most popular features is the “shake to chat” feature, which allows a user to shake their mobile device to get a new chat buddy on their screen. Some will spend hours in the day using the shake to chat feature because it’s so much fun.

Occidental College’s 15th President: Jonathan Veitch

Jonathan Veitch has been known as many things: professor, published author, Dean, Associate Provost and now President of Occidental College in Los Angeles. Jonathan Veitch graduated from Stanford University with his bachelor’s degree in English and American Literature and went on to complete his doctoral degree from Harvard in History of American Civilizations. After graduating, he went on to teach in the English department at the University of Wisconsin, eventually becoming an associate professor of English, before moving on to join the New School. At the New School’s Eugene Lang College, Veitch taught courses in cultural history, American history, and American film leading up to his advancement to Dean in 1994. It should also be mentioned that while teaching at the University of Wisconsin, he published his award-winning book American Superrealism: Nathanael West and the Politics of Representation in the 1930s.

In July 2009, Jonathan Veitch became the president of Occidental College taking over for Reobert Skotheim who was serving as interim President. While at Occidental, Veitch was awarded a $5 million donation to renovate Johnson Hall which was one of the three original building on Occidental’s campus. He has made various contributions during his time as President such as the 1-megawatt ground mounted solar array that is able to generate approximately 11 % of the College annual electric usage.

His family currently lives in the Wallis Anneberg President’s House on the Occidental campus. He married Sarah Ann Baxter Kersh in December of 1992 and they have 3 children. Being born and raised in Los Angeles, it will be exciting to see where Veitch’s next step will be.

Support ALF Activist Keith Mann

Keith Mann has cared about animals and has been an animal activist ever since he was a little boy. He grew up on a dairy farm, and his experiences there particularly the pain and suffering that he witnessed the cows go through, made him question the way humans treat animals and want to protect them. His concern for animals grew as he got older, and by 1972, he had started liberating animals. The first animal he liberating was a bunny rabbit that was being neglected by its owners. 

Before long Mann was making waves and had become involved in the animal liberation front, even going so far as to be arrested several times in his efforts to help animals. He was arrested in 1991 for conspiring to set chicken crates on fire in an attempt to help chickens and gain attention to their plight. He ended up spending 11 years in jail and stayed true to his convictions the entire time refusing to eat anything made from animal products. In 2008, he ran for Parliment in Britain as a member of the Animal Welfare Protection ticket, further gaining support for his cause. 

But in 2013, Mann was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma, which is a serious cancer that has no known cure. Because of his convictions he has refused conventional treatment because these treatments pose potential harm to animals. Instead, he is using Gerson Therapy, a more difficult and costly treatment that is not covered by conventional insurance because of it’s experimental nature.

You can read more about this story on Buzzfeed where it was first reported. You can also follow him on Twitter or buy something from his auction page.