Support ALF Activist Keith Mann

Keith Mann has cared about animals and has been an animal activist ever since he was a little boy. He grew up on a dairy farm, and his experiences there particularly the pain and suffering that he witnessed the cows go through, made him question the way humans treat animals and want to protect them. His concern for animals grew as he got older, and by 1972, he had started liberating animals. The first animal he liberating was a bunny rabbit that was being neglected by its owners. 

Before long Mann was making waves and had become involved in the animal liberation front, even going so far as to be arrested several times in his efforts to help animals. He was arrested in 1991 for conspiring to set chicken crates on fire in an attempt to help chickens and gain attention to their plight. He ended up spending 11 years in jail and stayed true to his convictions the entire time refusing to eat anything made from animal products. In 2008, he ran for Parliment in Britain as a member of the Animal Welfare Protection ticket, further gaining support for his cause. 

But in 2013, Mann was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma, which is a serious cancer that has no known cure. Because of his convictions he has refused conventional treatment because these treatments pose potential harm to animals. Instead, he is using Gerson Therapy, a more difficult and costly treatment that is not covered by conventional insurance because of it’s experimental nature.

You can read more about this story on Buzzfeed where it was first reported. You can also follow him on Twitter or buy something from his auction page.

Charged With Cheering

When did it become so wrong to cheer for others at a high school graduation? That’s what most people want to do because it’s a time of celebration. In Mississippi, four people were charged because they were cheering for family members while they were on stage. They are supposed to show that they support each other and are proud of the hard work. Alexei Beltyukov has learned that charges of disturbing the peace were filed against the people who were cheering. This is simply ridiculous by the school as people can cheer at sporting events, so why not a graduation? The people could have waited until the end of the ceremony, but they probably got wrapped up in the excitement of the event.

Screen Tests Begin for New Spider Man

When it comes to casting an iconic leading man for your multi-million dollar franchise, there is quite a bit of work that goes into the process. For Spider Man, a hero who desperately deserves a fun and deserving portrayal, there search has begun for the next man to put on the silky suit. Right now testing has begun over at Sony with their hopes that they will find a lead that can successfully incorporate into the new and expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe. Among the young men testing is Asa Butterfield, star of ‘Enders Game’.

Peter Parker has been portrayed twice on the big screen in the last decade or so by Andrew Garfield and Tobey McGuire. Garfield was the most recent portrayal in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ and its sequel. Despite how well received his work was by the fans, something just didn’t click and the franchise soon ran dry and ran afoul of the box office. McGuire is probably the more enduring portrayal, as Boraie Development says he was the first man to take the helm in a big budget rendition.

Now Butterfield, another British actor, will try and take care of business. Butterfield is probably more true to the young and nerdy look than the other two actors, but he’ll have an uphill battle to climb.

A Procedure That Will Benefit Your Back

North American Spine is the innovative company that has board-certified physicians who are qualified to perform the Accurascope procedure. Many people suffer from back pain, in fact back pain is the number one cause of pain in the United States.. Every year hundreds of Americans go and get back surgery hoping to get relief from their back problems. Unfortunately a large amount of people that get back surgery end up with the same pain, or with even more complications after surgery. The reason why back surgeries are so unsuccessful is because of the way that they are performed.

Back surgeries are very invasive, they are surgeries that require a lot of time and skill, and they completely and totally open up a person’s back. Since so many people have had bad results from back surgery, it is good to know that the Accurascope procedure is an innovative procedure that is a very minimally invasive, and it has helped thousands of people to get their back pain cured for good. The Accurascope procedure treats the back and neck using high precision minimally invasive spine surgery. North American Spine has been able to treat more than 8000 patients using the Accurascope procedure. The great thing about the Accurascope procedure is that it is covered by the majority of insurance plans, and it has an 82% success rate.

North American spine’s Accurascope procedure is the most effective way to treat back pain while at the same time it is the least invasive. Since a normal back surgery takes many hours and a lot of skill by different doctors, it is a very extensive surgery to have. When it comes to the Accurascope procedure, it is such of a low invasive surgery that it does not require the amount of work that an invasive surgery would require. With that being the case, it is a lot less expensive than the average back surgery, and the best part is that a person does not have to be on bed rest for weeks.

95% of the people that have received Accurascope would recommended the procedure to friends and family, which is a testament to the fact that the North American spine not only performs a highly effective surgery, but that they only settle for excellent results.