D Magazine Lists Dr. Rod Rohrich As Top Plastic Surgeon In Dallas

The unique facial qualities that we each possess are what distinguish one person from another by sight. However, there are situations where perhaps a person needs a change or repair to their physical appearance. This type of procedure is a highly skilled and sensitive procedure that should be performed by the best. Whatever the reason is for needing plastic surgery, Dr. Rod Rohrich is the best in the Dallas area, and the nation, according to a report in D Magazine.

Dr. Rohrich’s view on his role as a plastic surgeon is much deeper than just that of a professional handing out new noses. He is quoted as saying, “Plastic surgery is really from the Greek for ‘to mold’ or ‘to make.’ Plastic surgery is really the best of both – Reconstructive surgery is to restore to normal and cosmetic surgery is to restore to the more natural.” These types of results are only possible when dealing with a skilled and highly educated professional like Dr. Rohrich.

Dr. Rod is now passing his skills on to the next generation of plastic surgeons through his teachings. The beginning of his career he was studying at Baylor College of Medicine where he graduated with honors.

After his schooling, Dr. Rod quickly became widely recognized as a highly skilled plastic and reconstructive surgeon, earning him many acclamations and awards. Some of these titles and achievements include:

  • Professor of Plastic Surgery
  • Founding Chair of the Department of Plastic Surgery at University of Texas SW Medical Center
  • Former holder of the Betty and Warren Woodward Chair in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at UT
  • Distinguished Chair in Plastic Surgery at the Crystal Charity Ball
  • Plastic Surgery Educational Foundation distinguished Service Award
  • Former President of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • Recognized by Texas Monthly Super Docs, America’s Top Plastic Surgeons, and U.S. News & World Report

The support for Dr. Rohrich and his remarkable skill is continuing throughout the medical community. Most recently, Dr. Rod was voted as one of the top plastic surgeons in a confidential poll taken online by thousands of eligible medical professionals. His devotion to the needs of his patients has not wavered, making him the perfect candidate for one of the best plastic surgeons in the Dallas area once again.

What if You Could Live Forever?

Brad Reifler says technology in the 21st century is highly developed, but Reuters also suggests so far there is no time travel or a magic solution that would let you live forever.

Here are 10 ideas if you could live forever.

1. Eat and drink all you wanted!
2. Get complete knowledge of the stock market and keep winning.
3. With eternal life, you could contemplate the wonders of the universe forever.
4. Put the pedal to the metal in your favorite sports car and hit 100mph every day. Because you’re going to live forever, right?
5. Take a trip around the world in the spring; then go again in the summer, and go again in the fall and winter. See every season.
6. Or hop a ride on a spacecraft and go to Mars!
7. Write musical masterpieces that no one has ever heard before.
8. You could age wine until it’s priceless and then sell it. What a way to make a living?
9. Sleep late ‘till noon everyday, only you wouldn’t have to cause there no “late” in infinite time.

What amazing things would you do if you had more time.

Haidar Barbouti Invests in What He Loves

To many people, a job is a job. They make investments and go to work because they have to pay the bills, and that’s just one way to do it. However, for Haidar Barbouti, life is about passion and excitement. He wants to do the things that he loves, and he wants to invest in the things that he cares about. If those things help him make a lot of money, so much the better, but he’s not just in it for the money. He is motivated by so much more than that. It’s possible to see this outlook in everything that he does.

Take, for example, the Highland Village Adoption Center. This is an animal adoption center, and Barbouti just loves animals. He loves pets, and it pains him to see that some pets are without homes. At the same time, he knows that not everyone can afford to buy purebred pets, with their incredibly high costs. As such, his adoption center works to help on both ends. It saves the animals that would otherwise have nowhere to go, keeping them off the streets and out of kill shelters, and it also provides a way for people who want pets to get them for less. Everyone wins.

Another example is Up Restaurant, which Barbouti owns. Just hearing him talk about it shows you how much he cares. He has family values, wanting to provide food that goes more along the lines of traditional dishes. He passionately despises trends, and he even went so far as to call tapas “leftovers” that had been thrown together on a plate. He said that many fancy restaurants used painted plates and other such practices to give out food that looked good, but they focused so much on the presentation alone that it wasn’t actually good food. At Up, he has thrown all of that aside and focused on making good food that people want to eat. It is an upper-class restaurant, but it avoids all of the negatives and just indulges in the things Haidar Barbouti cares about.

This has been his outlook for his entire life, and it continues to drive him. Barbouti won’t step back from his interests and do things just because of the money there is to be made. He knows he can only really be happy if he cares about what he is doing, but he has enough business sense to make those things profitable.

Zoo Animals Are Loose In Tbilisi Georgia

Devastating Floodwaters Inundated The City Of Tbilisi, Georgia Leading To A Mass Exodus Of Exotic Animals From The Local Zoo

Imagine walking down a flooded street with a hippopotamus next to you, and a bear standing on the flooded sidewalk looking st you. That was the scene in Tbilisi, Georgia recently when torrential overnight rains hammered the city. Tbilisi is home for more than a million people, and most of the city is on lockdown so the lions, tigers, wolves, jaguars, bears and other zoo animals can be recaptured. Some of the animals have already been captured, but others are roaming the streets.

Daniel Amen (linkedin.com) has learned that many of the animals will not make it back to the zoo according to local news reports. A prized white lion was one of the rare animals lost in the flood. The zoo will never be the same, according to some reports. One zoo official said many of the animals will have to be replaced, and that takes time. There is no word how long the zoo will be closed or how much damaged was done.

The pictures of local people encountering zoo animals on the streets makes some people wonder if they might experience a zoo breakout. Is that another consequence of climate change?

New Electric Aircraft Engine Paves Way to Cleaner Air Travel

Climate change is creating an imperative for the world to go over to nonpolluting, renewable forms of energy. Fortunately, the people of the world seem to be paying attention to this fact for the most part. The adoption of wind and especially solar power for new power plant construction around the world is phenomenal. Of course, existing coal plants will be online for many years to come, but they are on the decline as far as new construction. Cars are the other big source of both pollution and excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, at least if you ask Andy Wirth. Electric cars are coming of age with battery technology constantly improving, and electric car prices continue coming down over the years.

Of course, this is nowhere near as big a source as cars or power plants, as cars ridiculously outnumber planes and power plants have to put out enough energy to power whole cities. Still, there are developments that look encouraging on this front as well. Siemens has just come up with a practical, powerful electrical aircraft engine. Siemens is working with Airbus to create hybrid engines for air travel just as we have had them in cars for years now.

Trade Adjustment Assistance Bill Falls in the House

The House overwhelmingly voted against a trade deal that would provide President Obama with fast track authority to make trade agreements. The Trade Adjustment Assistance bill was denied by a landslide vote, effectively shutting down a key part of Obama’s quest for fast track trade authority. This piece of legislation was required in order to continue efforts for the Trans Pacific Partnership, which has been a topic of heated debate throughout politics over the last few months. The TPP would set up a new free trade arrangement through a group of Asian nations, which has been a mainstay of the Obama administration’s foreign policy.

The Trade Adjustment Assistance bill required all of the Democratic representatives’ support, and has split most Republican representatives. Although the bill did receive support from both sides of the aisle, Democrats overwhelmingly voted against the bill. This happened in even more numbers than expected after Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi made a statement that she would be voting against the measure. Republicans and commentators are criticizing Obama relentlessly for not having support from his own party, and this is another example of his lacking. He did not have the ability to rally his party in support of a mainstay bill, showing his disconnect with Congress as Mikal Watts points out.


Sharks attacked two teenagers on Sunday in Oak Island, North Carolina.

According to Buzzfeed, a 13-year-old girl was attacked by a shark and lost her left arm at approximately 4p.m. Her arm was amputated below the elbow and she also endured a leg injury.

On Facebook, the Mayor Better Wallace of Oak Island confirmed that the girl lost her arm, but will lose her left leg as well. The teenage girl was bleeding abundantly. However, responders decreased the bleeding, while speaking to the teenage girl and making sure she was conscious and calm.

Approximately 90 minutes after the first occurrence, a shark in the same proximity attacked a 16-year-old boy. The teenager lost his arm in the incident reports Igor Cornelsen.

Brian Watts, Brunswick County’s emergency director, stated that both teenagers were out of surgery the same day.

After the incidents, officers were sent to the region to warn people to leave the water. A helicopter was sent to guard the ocean for sharks.

The serious injures were not average bites from a black tip shark or a spinner shark. Both sharks are common in the North Carolina area.

The current shark attacks happened approximately 30 miles, where a shark bit another 13-year-old girl on Thursday.

San Francisco Residents May Soon Be Paying More for Soda

If you love soda and you’re living in San Francisco get ready for a possible increase in price. It appears that a soda taxwill soon be imposed. Also be ready for reminders of how unhealthy this and other sugary drinks are. Billboards will be erected with messages about the health risks of these tasty, but not healthy drinks.

People are divided on this issue, as you can imagine. There are those who feel that these actions are a type of public service for residents. Then there are others who find a tax on their drink of choice unfair. Last year neither the warnings, nor tax were passed. However, this year appears to be a different story.

With Berkeley being the first, and San Francisco poised to the be the second, it may not be long before this trend spreads.

The Weather In Alaska Is Changing: The State Had The Hottest May In Almost 100 Years

The Town Of Eagle Recorded A 91° Reading In May

There are members of Congress and elected officials that doubt that the world is experiencing climate change. But there is little doubt that parts of the world that were considered very cold places now have incredibly warm weather. Skeptics say it a temporary weather pattern, or a normal weather cycle that won’t last long. But global warming is much more than a normal weather cycle that won’t last long.Global warming is real. Global warming isn’t just about the air temperature. Global warming is exactly what it appears to mean. The Globe, the Earth, is getting warmer. There is something going on beneath the surface of the earth, and no one knows exactly what or why it’s happening.

What scientists do know is the snow is melting faster, and the ocean levels are rising according to Flavio Maluf. Within the next thirty years, the shoreline of countries around the globe will change. When that happens, the skeptics will begin to react. That reaction might be better late than never, as the skeptics often say.

Kourtney Kardashian’s Boyfriend Scott’s Pregnancy Scare With A Stranger

Scott is always going to be the crazy, drunk boyfriend that we all love to hate. From the moment we were introduced to Scott in the very first season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians we knew that he was a bad boy and we also knew that he wasn’t going anywhere. Scott has hot temper, but he also has a smoking hot body, adorable puppy dog eyes and somehow he knows how to make Kourtney and her entire family forgive him every time he screws up says CipherCloud. Just as much as we all may wish Scott would just get it together we also in some ways encourage his bad behavior because it’s good tv.

This time last summer a pregnant Kourtney was throwing Scott out of their Hamptons home after he was spending too much time at the clubs partying, when he should have been caring for his pregnant girlfriend. Throughout the entire pregnancy Scott was the only problem child Kourtney had to deal with, from his tantrums and drunk nights to the burden of pushing him off on her family. As usual Scott managed to sober up and pull himself together just long enough to be by Kourtney’s side during her delivery, but the minute the baby was born Scott was right back at his usual antic.

As if the pregnancy scare wasn’t enough, Scott apparently went back weeks later and had sex with the girl again. So far this is all being revealed by the woman herself, so for the time being its all just talk.