On the Road With FreedomPop Wireless

Ever since I was a kid, I dreamed about being a trucker. Just the idea of hitting the open roads from coast to coast gave me a pure sense of freedom. I would listen to the old Red Sovine trucking ballads and could picture myself in a big rig. I knew a lot of the songs by heart, including Willie Nelson’s “On the Road Again”. That was the place I was destined to be.

When I was twelve years old, my Uncle Floyd let me take a short ride with him in his eighteen wheeler. It was a dream come true! I felt like I was as high as the clouds sitting in that massive cab. All the shiny chrome, blinking lights and gears just fascinated me. Uncle Floyd let me pull a chain that sounded the dragon-roar of a horn. I did not want this fun to end. All night that night, I dreamed of driving that beautiful rig across America.

Needless to say, Freedom Pop on googleplay. I went to a semi-truck training academy and earned my Class A CDL license. I went for all the endorsements I could earn. My instructor said that I was a fast learner and was probably one of the most enthusiastic driving students he had seen in quite a while. I told him about my dream of being a truck driver and how much this meant to me. He was an old retired Marine who did not say much; however, he was all smiles when I passed my driving tests to earn my CDL.

While we were driving back to the school, I felt like I was indeed “King of the Road”. My instructor took a little time to tell me about his experiences driving the big rigs. Like me, he had a fascination with large vehicles since childhood. He transported supplies and munitions in semis while he served in the Marines. He told me that there is a lot to see; however, the road can seem to stretch on forever and can be lonely at times. Breakdowns and traffic problems are common aggravations that truckers just have to get used to, he said. I shook my mentor’s hand and headed for the license bureau.

That was almost twenty years ago and I have never looked back. I still have the romance of the road in my blood. As I had dreamed, I have driven all across the United States many times and been in every state. America has some of the most beautiful sites that could ever be imagined! Five years ago, I married the love of my life and she goes on occasional runs with me.

When I am on the road, I like to be able to talk to her whenever I can. Recently, a fellow trucker told me about this free cell phone service called FreedomPop Wireless. I was pleased to find that I did not have to sign any contract and could use the phone I already have. The system works on WI-FI no matter where I am driving. They give me 200 minutes of free talk and up to 500 free texts. They even offer the Internet. Thanks to FreedomPop, I keep in touch with my wife while riding the big rigs!

A Look at Citadel LLC Founder Kenneth Griffin

Meet the Founder of One the World Largest and Most Successful Hedge Fund Companies, Mr. Kenneth Griffin.

Born in Daytona Beach, on Florida’s eastern coastline, Ken Griffin received a strong education that only served to further his economic understanding and financial skills. He attended Harvard University in Massachusetts where he graduated with a degree in economics. Mr. Griffin started investing early on in his lifetime when he was just a teenager as a freshman in college. He started his first hedge fund when he was a sophomore at Harvard university. With over a quarter of a million dollars raised from his family and acquaintances, Kenneth Griffin was already well on his way in managing a real hedge fund despite still being an undergraduate student. His success in managing his first hedge fund that was initially funded by relatives and friends led to Griffin opening up a second hedge fund. Still in college, Kenneth Griffin was already managing assets worth up to a million dollars. It was at college that Griffin also used satellites to connect to real time market data, a strategy that is now employed by every major financial investor worldwide. His access to real time data was one of the key reasons his hedge fund in college was able to survive the crash of 1987.

Receiving a quality education in economics and already having his feet wet in the management of hedge funds, Kenneth Griffin was quickly given an opportunity straight out of college to prove his financial management skills. He was given over a million dollars to invest in by Glenwood Capital LLC and gave a whopping return of 70% to the company, an almost unheard of return rate in any market cycle.

Spurred by his own success and having the backing of his family and friends Kenneth Griffin decided it was time to run his own hedge fund full time and begin a career. He founded Citadel LLC. in 1990 after managing to raise over 4.6 million dollars. Citadel saw explosive growth and quickly grew into one of the leading hedge funds in the United States. The company quickly grew from its single founder Kenneth Griffin to a company with over a hundred employees in the 1990’s. The company now has over 1,400 employees around the world.

Citadel is headquartered in downtown Chicago at the Citatel Tower. The firm also has offices in major US cities such as New York and San Francisco and abroad in Canada and Asia. Citadel LLC has global investment and asset management operations. It is one the largest traders of equity in the global financial market and is considered a market maker due to its huge purchasing power and influence. The company manages over twenty six billion dollars in assets.

The success of Citadel LLC has transformed founder and CEO Kenneth Griffin into a multi-billionaire with a net worth of seven billion dollars. Mr. Griffins wealth has allowed him to donate generously to the arts. He has made notable donations to museums across the United States such as the Whitney Museum of Art in New York City. Kenneth Griffin also makes considerable donations toward education and healthcare for children.

Financial Losses For Corn Industry Claimed In Legal Fight

The US corn industry is fighting back after one of the worst years in the history of the agricultural industry and attorney Mikal Watts is focusing the blame squarely on the shoulders of a single company. In late 2013 the Chinese government refused to allow US grown corn to enter its borders after claiming the seed used to grow the crops had been tainted by genetically modified organisms. The seed that caused the problem was the MIR 162 strain produced by Swiss agricultural giant Syngenta, which had been permitted into the US in 2010 and made its way into the crops produced over the next three years. Unable to remove all traces of MIR 162 from the corn being exported, US farmers faced a ban on the 20 percent of total US corn production usually shipped to foreign shores.

Dallas, Texas based attorney Mikal Watts is now seeking to claim back some of the billions of dollars in lost earnings the US agricultural industry was faced with as he puts together a mass filing against Syngenta. Watts has a large amount of experience in fighting large corporations in court, which includes a $750 million victory over the Bayer Crop Sciences group. Qualified in 1989 at the age of 21, Mikal Watts has worked in many different areas of law since then and now specializes in large scale personal injury law cases.

Wikipedia reports on the devastating effect on the corn industry of the arrival of the GMO seed left the industry in dire straits throughout 2014 and is only seeing a return to normal trading. At the lowest point in the crisis the price of a bushel of corn fell from a reported $7 to $3.50, which has prompted many in the agricultural industry to fight for monetary compensation with the assistance of Mikal Watts.

Plymouth Rock Assurance – Insurance Company Selling Motor Vehicle Insurance Online

As reported by Boston Globe


Internet Has Shaped Insurance Business

The reality of business in modern times is that the internet has changed the way in which we buy things. These same trends have had an impact on the insurance industry as well. Most often, people choose to visit a local insurance agent in order to purchase their insurance. However, with the internet, many find that they are able to purchase insurance from the comfort of their own homes. One company which has managed to continue to sell insurance online and keep their agents employed is Plymouth Rock Assurance. In this new business model, agents are there to enrich the experience that a customer has when purchasing insurance.

Plymouth Rock Assurance – Allows Insurance To Be Sold Online

Plymouth Rock Assurance allows customers to purchase insurance online yet still be in contact with an insurance agent. With this business model, the company has been selling insurance for years to their customers. The majority of insurance customers are still buying insurance through agents, but an ever-increasing segment are purchasing online. Thus, Plymouth Rock Assurance is doing it’s part to ensure that it’s agents still remain employed. Agents are able to earn their commissions from the sales of insurance policies at an average of 10-15%. Agents are also able to answer a customer’s questions about an insurance policy which they are about to purchase.

James Stone – Harvard Professor and Founder of Plymouth Rock Assurance

James Stone is the founder of Plymouth Rock Assurance. He was previously a professor at Harvard University in Economics. During his time at Harvard, he was also appointed as the Massachusetts commissioner of insurance starting in 1975, followed by the presidency of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Plymouth Rock Assurance was founded in 1982, whereby James Stone leveraged his experience to start a successful insurance business.


“Everyone has the potential to do extraordinary things”


In our modern day and age it is difficult to balance both spirituality and business and be successful. However, what most people forget is that the difficulty is not with spirituality, but religion. A business could and probably is dead without some spirit. Spirituality gives a certain view on the business scene, and is often increased with the business. Where do you get your sustainability? What can help with creativity? What makes you think and brings people together to be included? How can principles be developed? And what helps promote vocation? All of these are simply apart of spirituality. Since Spirituality is a personal matter, it helps with business much like yoga helps with health.

One prominent example of this balance is Joseph Bismark. Assuming the role of Qi Group Managing Director and leading his company to success with the building blocks of spirituality. He is a versatile leader and actively pursues knowledge. Aside from being a bonsai master, and a devotee of the Lord, he is well versed in how spirituality helps in everyday life. What he brought to the company was a belief that everyone has the power to excel. He wants people to learn and grow with his company. These two values, and perhaps many more, is what make Joseph Bismark an inspiration to everyone. He is humble, not wanting to be measured by his success.

There is one thing that makes Joseph Bismark unique and that is his background. He was not raised with this innate spirituality enlightenment. He grew up like anyone has; comfortable home, good food. He felt that there was much more he can learn, and so he left to become a monk at age 9. During his tenure there he learned a simple way of life. He did not return to the corporate world until he was seventeen, but he used what he learned to co-find his company. Since returning and becoming a success, he has not only continued with being the group managing director of QI Group, but has started blogs, hardwork, and books. As he says, “True happiness lies in the understanding of our real identity as spirit souls and not the physical body.”

Comparing Investment Banks to Other Fund Sources

It is important to consider the amount of money needed to open your business after estimating your expenses. At this point, you want to determine whether you will need to borrow a portion of it. If you believe you are rich enough to fully fund your business, you have a major hurdle cleared. If not, there are sources that can lend you based on certain factors and investment bank is one of them.

An investment bank is a financial institution that provides loan or at least helps raise financial capital to assist individuals, businesses and companies. This is usually done through underwriting or acting as the client’s agent while issuing securities.

Why choose investment banks

Most novice business owners may not be able to get a loan for opening costs. Conventional banks and certain credit unions are all conservative lenders and what they require beforehand is a proven track record of your borrowing habits. If your opening costs exceed your business resources, you will have to find other sources of money. But to raise money of that magnitude, you will probably need to demonstrate your willingness and ability to pay it back as well. Investment banks on the other hand will listen to your needs and make sure they are met appropriately.

Other sources of fund

There are many funding sources that you can count on. First and foremost is your own personal savings. Obviously, if you have the needed money, you don’t need to raise it elsewhere. But be careful not to drain out all your savings – including the ones that you need for medical emergency and retirement. Friends and family are another source to raise this fund. This source is the least expensive too because they may not charge you interest and they are usually the ones who will fall for your pleas. Another means of raising startup money is through partnerships. But always use caution when taking on a partner because you may need to give up something in return for the loan. This could be anything as simple as your vehicle to as complex as your business itself. Equity money is one more source of fund for your business. This money can come in many forms including private investments from friends and interested strangers. Those strangers may be someone with plenty of cash and ready to invest in a sound venture or other successful companies that wish to have some interest in your business. They may also bring expertise and experience to the table. Home equity is one of the biggest sources of capital as well. This will depend on how the fair market value of your property is in relation to the home mortgage. The only downside is that you are putting your home at risk in case you fail to pay.

About Kenneth C. Griffin

Kenneth Griffin is a hedge fund manager in the US. He is the founder and CEO of a company called Citadel which handles global investment projects. Citadel is one of the biggest investment management firms with over $25 billion in investment capital as of 2015.

For the love of your pet Purina

Purina knows how important your pet is to you and your family at purina they strive on providing the very best product for you and your pet. Purina is a Nestle company that prides itself on providing you with the very best products for you and your pet with holsom ingredients and a passion for pet care purina news is sure to have something for your pets needs from holsome dog foods that are made with the very best ingredients such as green vegetables like peas beans ,Spinach and, brown rice ,carrots, sweet potatoes and select meats such as chicken.

Their passion doesn’t stop there ,they also provide your cat with all the nutritional needs your cat needs as well not to mention Purinas line of treats for both your cat and dog . Purina also offer a line of active toys to put the treats in to keep your pet active and happy and entertained. Purinas line of dog and cat food extends to various formulas and is offered in a dry form ,in a can form, and in a delicacy form. With so many options to choose from Purina is sure to have an option that fits your family’s needs. At purina they know just how important your pet is to you that’s why Purina’s line of pet food and pet products strive to provide the very best for you and your pet family. You and your family can be sure that with the Purina line being a product of Nestle you are assure to be getting the very best in today’s animal care . Even with the most pickest of pets , Purina offers so many different feeding options that you are sure to find one your pet loves and you can feel trusted that no matter which blend you decide to go with, with Purina products you are offering your pet the very best.

North American Spine Is A Healing Place For Those With Chronic Pain

Imagine having some of the worst back pain ever, but also imagine that the pain doesn’t go away, and it occurs on a daily basis. The pain may be dull at times, but it’s a constant pain that’s never numb enough to where the person can function normally. It’s difficult for some people to imagine being in that kind of pain all the time, but this is a reality for so many people in the USA. Some people suffer from back pain temporarily while others may suffer from it permanently. It’s difficult to imagine that back pain could be so bad that the person cannot work, they can’t play, and they can’t function properly.

Back pain is something that everyone will suffer through at some point, but not everyone suffers through permanent back pain. Those who have hurt their back, or their back has problems that keep them from living a normal life, they can tell others about the pain they have. Sometimes, it’s easy enough for someone to talk about the pain they have, but others cannot imagine it. Those that suffer with constant back pain should know that there is relief in sight if the person chooses to visit North American Spine. Reviews of North American Spine convey that is a great healing place for those with back pain and neck pain, and many people have found some permanent relief as well.

North American Spine uses the AcuraScope procedure, which utilizes a camera that goes in the back or neck area, and it helps to find the problem that is causing constant pain. If the problem is discovered it’s possible to permanently heal the pain a person is having, instead of them living in daily anguish. The best part about the procedure is that it can take less than an hour, and the person can also go home the same day after the procedure has been performed.

No one should ever accept being in pain, especially when there are so many alternatives to allow a person to live pain free. Pain can be unbearable, especially pain in the back area, but North American Spine can help. If a person chooses to visit North American Spine to get an evaluation, then they can discover different ways to get rid of their pain for good. No more living day to day and taking tons of pain medications. A visit to North American Spine can make all the difference for someone who has lived in constant pain for a long time.

The Best Invention for Technology

Business and technology go hand in hand. As a matter of fact, technology in and of itself is a business. It is almost impossible to find a successful business that doesn’t use technology in some fashion. Even cleaning certain cleaning businesses use technology to conduct business. Technology does not have to be anything elaborate like a large computer. It can be as simple as a mere telephone. After all, one needs to communicate in order to set an appointment. Communication technologies are very important when it comes to business.

One example of communication technology is mobile services. One specific type of communication technology is FiOS from Verizon. Shaygan Kheradpir has helped with the deployment of this form of technology. He has also worked with the Pingit mobile money system, an Integrated Operating plan and other plans for Verizon. He has graduated from Cornell University with several degrees in electrical engineering which include a bachelors masters and a doctorate degree. During his time at Verizon, he has supervised over 7,000 people. They developed new products as well supported systems in the IT department. More recently, he was CEO of Juniper for most of 2014.

Many types of business are based largely on technology. One type of business that involves doing work over the Internet is going to involve technology. With mobile technology, that can take the business anywhere. As with any other type of technology based business, it is important that one regularly updates his system. There are some jobs and opportunities that can only be done with the use of the latest software or technology. This includes creating and uploading documents. Editing certain documents also requires technology in order for one to be able to do that at to the satisfaction of the client. Even for something as simple as typing, one must have the right type of technology to be able to pull it off.

As one could see, business and technology are almost dependent on each other. The further technology develops, the easier it is for people to build a profitable company. Among the things that technology is needed for is processing payments. Many people pay for services using debit cards, credit cards and even newer forms of payment which include smartphones. Technology is not only influencing business, it is also influencing how rewards are given for the type of business done for the client. Technology also makes things a lot quicker when it comes to business transactions.

Avoiding Problem Products In Commodities Investment

All commodities revolve around research, and cautious investment. Making the appropriate resolution at all times means conducting research, as well as reconnoitering the antiquity of that product, to come up with a reasonable forecast on the way that product is possibly to do in the times ahead.

Although another fact that Sam Tabar constantly seeks attention to, is being careful about problematic commodities. As the earlier CEO of Asia Pacific Capital Introduction at Merill Lynch, Sam Tabar undoubtedly understands what to search for whenever it gets to a more secure product investment.

Avoiding poorly supervised finances is imperative to setting up a rational return on the investment made. For instance, US Natural Gas Fund (UNG) has gone down by over 75%, thus causing huge losses for people who invested early. All due to demand being so high for the trust’s managing partner.

Without the appropriate foresight, they had a scarcity of stocks to offer. In spite of a petition to SEC., which bore approval for formation of additional stocks, nothing has been done by UNG.

The same kind of trouble is seen in the United States Oil Fund. The USO should benchmark the value of WTI ‘light sweet crude oil’. The USO’s stock price is over 50% lower compared to the latest crude oil value. Implying that this is a market that shouldn’t be invested in for people that wish to buy, and sell products with precise as well as up-to-date valuing.

These factors are some of the things you should be cautious about. Twitter writes that otherwise you may end up injecting plenty of cash into a venture that is not being run well. This is why exploration is so important in matters concerning commodities.

The more investigation you are able to conduct, the better. This will offer you an insight, as well as knowledge about how markets are doing constantly over time. Yet you will moreover obtain an idea concerning the way products are being run. You intend to concentrate on the products, which are run well, and at all times evade the ordeal of mishandling that accompanies commodities ventures in all countries, or with every kind of commodity.