Zoo Animals Are Loose In Tbilisi Georgia

Devastating Floodwaters Inundated The City Of Tbilisi, Georgia Leading To A Mass Exodus Of Exotic Animals From The Local Zoo

Imagine walking down a flooded street with a hippopotamus next to you, and a bear standing on the flooded sidewalk looking st you. That was the scene in Tbilisi, Georgia recently when torrential overnight rains hammered the city. Tbilisi is home for more than a million people, and most of the city is on lockdown so the lions, tigers, wolves, jaguars, bears and other zoo animals can be recaptured. Some of the animals have already been captured, but others are roaming the streets.

Daniel Amen (linkedin.com) has learned that many of the animals will not make it back to the zoo according to local news reports. A prized white lion was one of the rare animals lost in the flood. The zoo will never be the same, according to some reports. One zoo official said many of the animals will have to be replaced, and that takes time. There is no word how long the zoo will be closed or how much damaged was done.

The pictures of local people encountering zoo animals on the streets makes some people wonder if they might experience a zoo breakout. Is that another consequence of climate change?