Doug Levitt’s Greyhound Diaries Channel’s Early Ventures

There is something almost inherent and fundamental that as Americans we each feel deep in the very core of our spirits. A need to explore, push boundaries, push ourselves out of comfort zones, and find our own vision of freedom unites all the people that call this country our home.

And for as long as that spirit and our country has existed, there have been those individuals who were willing to chase down their own vision of their future while taking to the great expanse that is America.

From great writers like Jack Kerouac and his own stories found while spending his youth traveling across a country unknown to him before setting out on his journey. Or painters like Norman Rockwell who were able to tap into what it felt like to be American during a specific point in our countries young history. These people have been able to find the commonality between every person residing in the country while expressing something uniquely American.

Doug Levitt’s Greyhound Diaries Opens the Road and the Country to His Audience

The same spirit that is alive in Kerouac’s writings or Rockwell’s paintings is very much found within Doug Levitt’s own Greyhound Diaries. Told across several different mediums, each adding a distinct flavor to the overall story, Doug Levitt paints pictures of our country as seen through the window of a greyhound bus through his songs, stories, and collections of poems.

Though the Greyhound Diaries are full of anecdotes about sharing seats with Neo-Nazis fresh from prison and the other colorful characters that Doug Levitt encountered as he traversed America, the real substance of the Greyhound Diaries becomes apparent in its telling of a country full of individuals that are fundamentally looking for the same thing, a better life. Doug Levitt  on Twitter.

Through his journeys across the country, Doug Levitt tapped into the core of what makes most of us feel like Americans, the spirit to continue to try in spite of odds and cut out our own portion of this country.

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