FreedomPop to Evolve Brand with WiFi First Smartphone

For years we have seen FreedomPop establish a stranglehold on a specific niche in the mobile carrier world. Folks looking for free and affordable phone plans have flocked en mass to what FreedomPop has had on offer and it has turned them into one of the biggest ‘underdog’ carriers on the market. Now the innovative company is moving forward with their newest product: a WiFi first smartphone that aims to change the marketplace, as first reported by Cnet. This WiFi first smartphone is looking like FreedomPop’s exclamation point on a strong year and change that has seen their brand truly transform.

The WiFi first smartphone on will be developed in cooperation with Intel Capital and FreedomPop aims to price it at somewhere between $99 and $199. Using the SoFIA chipset, the smartphone will be able to jump between cellular and WiFi hot spot connections without any sort of issue. FreedomPop plans to have the phone completely manufactured and released for 2016, which will line up perfectly with their goal of WiFi hotspot expansions. CEO Stephen Stokols claims that they are aiming at getting up to 90% coverage in the Top 200 urban metro areas in the United States. This announcement was made far in advance of the smartphone announcement, which made it pretty clear what the company was going to attempt doing.

For those unfamiliar with FreedomPop on twitter, the company has made their name by offering a completely free cell phone service to their subscribers. The basic FreedomPop plan puts 500 texts, 500 minutes of talk, and 500 MB of data into the hands of every subscriber. The new WiFi first smartphone will be available with FreedomPop’s $5 premium plan which offers unlimited of each of the aforementioned categories. This has been FreedomPop’s goal all along in order to make their company income soluble: make interesting and valuable digital extensions that their customers will value.

While there has been no concrete data released in regards to the smartphones specs themselves, we expect to see something rather quality in terms of hardware. FreedomPop knows how important it is for their company to compete in this sector against the other big name brands.

Unlimited Cell Phone Mobile Wireless Services From FreedomPop Saves People Money

If a person didn’t have a cell phone plan, then they could expect to pay a tremendous amount of money each month when using their cell phone. In the past, cell phone plans where not as popular as they are today, and no one will buy a phone without a plan these days. There may be a few companies out there that still have cell phones without a plan, but it’s not a very good buy. A person can find themselves paying an astronomical amount per minute for simple cell phone calls, and the cell phone bill can go up very quickly. Imagine if a cell phone service provider charges $0.10 per call, then it’s likely that the person may end up paying a lot of money each month for the small amount of phone calls being made.

Since cell phone calls can be expensive without a plan, everyone wants a plan these days, and most people prefer unlimited plans. Unlimited plans give a person the ability to make phone calls, send text messages, and go on the Internet whenever they choose. A person may need unlimited cell phone service because of the things they have to do in their daily life. Maybe a person has to drive around a lot, and they tend to use their GPS on a regular basis. GPS needs data in order to work, so unlimited data on a cell phone is a great idea.

A teenager may find themselves wanting to talk to others in the class all the time, but making a cell phone call is not something they can do. It’s possible to send text messages one after another, whether it’s a teenager not, and the text messages are unlimited. Cell phone calls are the same thing because many people need to make cell phone calls, and they don’t want to have to calculate how many minutes they are using each time they make a call. Unlimited cell phone plans are available everywhere, but FreedomPop has the lowest unlimited cell phone plan by far.

FreedomPop’s Unlimited plan only runs $20 a month, and 1 GB of 4G LTE is included. Even after the 4G speeds have been depleted, the user can still get 3G speeds that are unlimited. With fast Internet, unlimited text messages and phone calls, why wouldn’t anyone want to join FreedomPop? Just the price alone is enough for anyone wanting to switch over to FreedomPop services, especially since it’s the lowest price compared to any other cell phone carrier. FreedomPop also has great call quality, and many users have had a lot of good things to say about FreedomPop services. Anyone looking for a cell phone service provider should consider FreedomPop first.