Sergio Cortes Doctor Outlines the Differentiation of Dengue and Zika Virus

The reign of Doctor Sergio Cortes as the health Secretariat of Rio de Janeiro brought with it tremendous change. In his era, Sergio Cortes led to the establishment of health centers and municipalities in Brazil. He currently serves as a senior medical practitioner in St. Louis health institution. Cortes is also a graduate of accounting and finance. Sir Cortes works in real relation with other countries medical practitioners to solve challenges in the health sector.
Doctor Cortes public relation with the general public impresses many. Sergio holds a Twitter and on LikedIn accounts  where he exchanges ideas and opinions with people at an international level. He also joins hands with other professionals to let his customers reach at him in a straightforward manner.
Recently, Dr. Cortes has been very busy working on the dengue virus as revealed by the release. Sergio made a statement on the various tips that will help differentiation of like and dengue virus symptoms. According to the doctor, Aedes aegypti has also been leading to zika and chikungunya virus transmissions. Cortes implied that general symptoms such as body ache, fever, and red spots on both the eyes and the skin revealed the presence of the virus in the body.
Cortes implied that these viruses were even caused by mosquito hence posing a great danger to people lives. Sergio added that the only differentiation of dengue virus from others was the pain behind the eyes. He added that nurse Bruno Guerra outlined some of the similarities between the symptoms, and resulted that some signs act to be predominant about specific diseases.
Doctor Sergio conducted a quick study and implied that red eyes and itching in the cup predominate in the zika virus specifically. In chikungunya virus, Cortes meant that the case is different as pain in the joints becomes severe and intense to bear. The level of occurrence of zika virus was mostly experienced in newborn babies. Nurse Bruno emphasized on the high importance of seeking medical attention to certified practitioners in the case of observing severity of the above-discussed conditions.
Cortes added that study was underway to outline whether there was a possibility of holding more than one virus by one person. He added an effective antidote was almost completed to help curb these viruses.