Online Reputation Management Comes To The Fore After Ashley Madison Hack

The problems caused by the publishing of the personal information of those registered with the Ashley Madison Website have continued to grow in the weeks following the release of the information. The Impact Team who released the information have allowed a huge industry to grow up around the information that was released, which has seen Online reputation management companies like Status Labs working overtime to protect their clients.

The Texas based public relations and online reputation management company was already being used by more than 1,500 clients under the leadership of Darius Fisher, the President and co-founder of Status Labs. Events like the Ashley Madison hack are the type of activities the company was established to manage and has been extremely vocal in its attempts to help members of the general public who may be affected by the hack. In their spacious new offices in Austin, Status Labs have been working overtime to identify the growing number of issues the Ashley Madison breach has caused.

Status Labs Darius Fisher and his team believe the impact of the Ashley Madison hack will be felt for weeks and months into the future. The impact will be felt directly by those who registered with the site and indirectly by interested parties who search Online for the names of those registered with Ashley Madison. The first wave of problems is being felt by those registered with the Website who have already begun to report Online extortion and blackmail attempts, many revolving around demands for Bitcoins. These extortion attempts are based on releasing the fact a public figure or respected member of a community registered with a Website designed to link people wanting to conduct discreet extra marital affairs.

The second wave of problems will follow for those who spent time searching the Internet for a database providing the details of those registered with Ashley Madison. This wave of problems will be caused by malware infected Websites promising access to the Ashley Madison details will allow criminals and hackers access to the computers and mobile devices of people across the world. Malware allows a hacker the ability to access the personal information stored on a computer or mobile device, which is used to steal personal information and details regarding the identity of an individual and their financial details.