What if You Could Live Forever?

Brad Reifler says technology in the 21st century is highly developed, but Reuters also suggests so far there is no time travel or a magic solution that would let you live forever.

Here are 10 ideas if you could live forever.

1. Eat and drink all you wanted!
2. Get complete knowledge of the stock market and keep winning.
3. With eternal life, you could contemplate the wonders of the universe forever.
4. Put the pedal to the metal in your favorite sports car and hit 100mph every day. Because you’re going to live forever, right?
5. Take a trip around the world in the spring; then go again in the summer, and go again in the fall and winter. See every season.
6. Or hop a ride on a spacecraft and go to Mars!
7. Write musical masterpieces that no one has ever heard before.
8. You could age wine until it’s priceless and then sell it. What a way to make a living?
9. Sleep late ‘till noon everyday, only you wouldn’t have to cause there no “late” in infinite time.

What amazing things would you do if you had more time.