On Twitter, @jonurbana1 Keeps His Followers Guessing

Jon Urbana’s Twitter account is not self-serving. Urbana runs the very successful Next Level Lacrosse Camp and he is involved in various business endeavors. What he does not do, however, is promote himself in every post. Instead, he chooses to publish a fun and informative website and Twitter feed that covers all manner of different topics. He shows the same sense of giving that drove him to canvas through CrowdRise for the Animal Rescue & Adoption Society.

Waking up in the morning with upbeat and cool music sets a very positive chart for the rest of the day. “DjKaro – Voices” is an original mix Jon Urbana tweeted and the sounds are definitely good for getting the blood flowing early in the morning. Listen to the tune at any point during the day is okay, too. Urbana says he does it on the way to work each day, where he acts as the Head of Business Development for Ellipse USA.

According to his work history on Crunchbase, Urbana loves to shed light on good food, especially when it’s organic (yes, he cares about this planet. A lot). He is a fan of food-oriented photo art as well. “Italian Love” is not about a romance between humans. His photo reel is about the love between humans and exquisite Italian coffee beans. Now that is something also worth starting the day with, which is why he first shared this picture with his Facebook friends.

By the way, are you going to bed early? Urbana tweets a Buzzfeed article – a humorous one – about going to bed early. While the article is a bit lighthearted, don’t overlook the huge value and benefit of going to bed early and getting the proper rest.

Sports topics tweeted about are usually very unique ones that reveal more than just dull commentary, especially considering his upbringing as a Villanova Wildcat. A tweet about Steph Curry performing a fake out is going to be enjoyed by sports fans with a fondness for athletes who can perform exceptional moves.

And then there is sports news people rarely read about. Yes, good sportsmanship is so rare instances of such actions end up making the news. The incident of an “accidental goal” and how the scenario was resolved should restore faith in anyone who believed sportsmanship was on the way out in the culture.

People love to read about pop culture and entertainment.  gives readers a lot of news on these topics. Harry Potter fans should read up on a little known theory about the a few quirky characters from the series. Theories are fun to speculate about.

Qnet and Its Marketing Methods

Qnet is an e-commerce direct selling company based in India. It has been in the industry for relatively 16 years and is one of the leading direct selling companies. During this time, it has expanded its territory from its base in South East Asia to more than 100 countries in the world. It has grown its wings to the Middle East, most of Africa and most recently Europe and Russia.
Qnet offers a very wide range of products with over 30 brands categorized into 9 different categories. Its products include jewelry, Swiss made watches, skincare, food and diet, wellness, energy, management, weight and individual maintenance. Qnet puts a lot of focus on improving the lives of their customers as well as encouraging healthy living. The heart of their manufacturing is currently spread over dozens of countries in the world. They also provide e-learning courses and holiday packages.
Qnet has an elaborate marketing strategy. It includes having independent representatives who refer their products to their consumers. These representatives receive commission depending on the bulk of their referrals and the volume of sales from other independent representatives in their teams. The Amezcua Bio Disc is one of their merchandises. They make claims that this bio disc can “redefine and synchronize the oomph of water, seriously capitalizing on its positive effect on the human body.”
When evaluating new products, there are a few unique aspects they focus on. They follow a vegetarian philosophy. They promote vegetarianism as a way of enhancing healthy lifestyle and all meals provided at company events are strictly vegetarian. They do not allow non-vegetarian elements in their consumable products. They reduce sugars, sweeteners and chemicals in all of their products to fight against corpulence, diabetes and other ailments.
Qnet has recently called for a regulator to administrate their business. The key aim of this idea is to manage the direct selling business which has generated a high range of self-employment in India. A regulator would come in handy in matters of mediation and company reviews.
Qnet has recently decided to change their business strategy in order to catch the role section. Since then they have been manufacturing produces that better the lives of their consumers with their sole mission being life improvement. Presently all their merchandises are accessible in all their branches in the world.

For more on Qnet, click here. Or check out their Twitter.