Why You Need to Work with Darius Fisher, President of Status Labs

With the advent of digital technology information nowadays passes very fast. This can be attributed to the availability of internet connections in every home and the fact that everyone nowadays is online. The ease of access to the internet by majority of the population in America and other parts of the world has made it very easy to do business and pass on marketing information.

It is regrettable that the internet, which is very helpful in marketing individuals and products, can also be used to reduce their marketability. Competitors can resolve to using dubious and underhand methods to improve the popularity of their products at the expense of their competitors. Some can get into campaigns that discredit their opponents products to consumers while others target the management and staff of their competitors.

These online wars may get very ugly and affect the reputation of some individuals. It is these kinds of situations and crises that Darius Fisher, the president of Status Labs, deals with. Status Labs is a firm that is built to deal with and address digital reputation problems. The tasks handled by the company include digital marketing, public relations and online reputation management.

This company best-serves any public figure who is faced by a reputation problem. It does not really matter what the source of the problem is. Status Labs will design a plan to get everything under control. It is the perfect go-to company for anyone who needs a second chance in life since they will help you salvage your reputation. Their approach towards achieving a clean-up in digital reputation is updating search engine results and conducting strategic digital marketing.

Darius Fisher is one of the co-founders of Status Labs. He is a remarkable individual who has had a lot of experience in public relations particularly in the digital world. He has grown his company from a very small entity serving a single state to opening up branches in up to three states in the United States. Coverage is spread to over thirty five countries in the world.

Working with an expert like Mr. Fisher, who has managed various digital crises, is the best decision anyone with a reputation problem could make. The vast experience that he has in this industry makes it very easy to solve any public relations problem a company or individual may have. The fact that he has grown Status Labs to serve clientele up to the international level is an indication of excellence on his part.

Flipora Makes Social Media Extra Personal

These days social media is something that nobody can avoid, it has slowly become the way we see the world. There was a time that you had to actually leave the house to meet new people, and experience new things, now the world is just a click away. We are able to shop online, find out the latest news in real time, work from home, promote a business and get an education from out computers, tablets and phones. With social media becoming more popular, we are learning new ways to explore content. Even dating has become something we do via social media.

There seems to be an obsession with sharing, we share out latest meal, dressing room photos, to precious moments with our loved ones. Whether we mean to be, or not, the internet has become our modern day journal. We document so many things on social media, and use the internet to explore hobbies and interests that we may not be able share with out closest friends. Instagram makes window shopping, and hobby sharing better than ever, with the use of hashtags we are never more than a click away from our latest obsession.

we can learn, share, and experience everything from just about anywhere in the world. One of the most amazing things about social media, is the way we tend to stumble upon things that interest us. Youtube makes it impossible to listen to just one song, without spending hours listening to suggested music based on our interests. Sites like Pinterest make your interests expand, as you discover hobbies related to things you love. It almost feels that someone is watching you, the way social media has become interactive beyond our imagination, remembering things you search for, and talk about in threads and chats.

Now there is an app, that takes the personalized suggestions of your hobbies and interests, to an entirely new level. Flipora is a content recommendation service, that suggests content to it’s users based on their social media activity and interests. Using information stored from your searches and web activity, Flipora makes it easy to keep yourself current on the things that you care about the most. With a huge selection of categories, Flipora organizes a broad rang of topics and connects you to them, as well as other people like you.

Flipora takes the hassle out of searching for online groups, and makes finding other people with your interest effortless. Now you don’t have to lurk in online communities, you can simply browse, and find friends at your own pace, without feeling the pressure to participate. Whether you are just curious, or seriously excited to see what Flipora is all about, you can’t go wrong giving it a try, the free Flipora app is definitely worth a look.