Making White Shark Better for You by Solving Customer Concerns

At White Shark Media we have built a company from the ground up. While we have enjoyed a good amount of success over the history of our company, we have experienced our share of bumps and bruises. We have worked hard in the past few years to assess the concerns of clients and make improvements to serve existing and potential clients better.

A lot of our client’s concerns stemmed around communication issues. Monthly conference calls have helped tremendously to streamline communication between clients and SEM specialists. We have made it a point to make certain that each client understands their campaign thoroughly as well as how to use different trackers to assess the productivity and performance of their keywords or ads.

In addition, we make sure you have the direct phone contact information for both your SEM specialist and your specialist’s supervisor. Questions and problems always arise, and being able to talk to someone right away is one of our top priorities for our clients. We also make sure that every SEM specialist we have has an experienced SEM supervisor.

These supervisors oversee campaign performance and ensure clients are getting the best AdWords campaigns possible. They also assist in any communication difficulties between clients and SEM specialists that may arise, offering guidance and knowledge to make sure clients feel that their vision and needs are being heard and incorporated.  Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

We found some clients felt that the campaigns they had in the past were working better than the ones we gave them. This we didn’t like at all. In order to fix this oversight, we make sure that we use everything we can from an existing campaign, keep it going in the new campaign, and then go from there to increase the productivity and performance with our own innovative ideas. We can also offer the option of keeping these campaigns on your own account.

At White Shark Media Complaints team, we are committed to improving our company every step of the way in order to help our clients have a product they can feel confident in.

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White Shark Media Promises Continual Improvement In Response To Complaints