Visual Search Comes To Social Media

The news that Pinterest has added its own version of visual search to the popular social media Site came with a burst of enthusiasm from those involved with this innovative product search software. For many years the visual search has been classed as akin to the holy grail of the Online shopping industry, which has seen a number of versions of software designed for identifying products using only images created with differing levels of success. Retail experts have been pushing for technology based companies like Toronto based Slyce to develop software that allows customers to simply take a photo of a product before searching for it Online.

Slyce has been one of the leaders of this form of retail technology for a number of years and has been looking to perfect its visual search software into a custom created app for each retailer the company works with. Slyce was established in 2012 in Toronto and was followed by a large number of acquisitions of app and software developers to aid in the creation of the most complete visual search technology available. Two app developers were acquired by Slyce in a bid to make sure the company had a large amount of app development technology on hand, which has been used to integrate the Slyce software directly into the app’s of customers.

One of the great drawbacks seen in some of the earliest attempts top create visual search app’s was the fact most required a specific app to be developed and run alongside that of the retailer. Slyce developed an innovative way of using images to allows for instant products searches based on materials, style, and many other features; this means the search function can be integrated into an existing app to allow for interaction with the product range of the retailer.

The inclusion of the visual search feature on Pinterest has led to a larger interest in visual search by people who hope to use the ever present buy now buttons on most Websites. Despite the visual search now becoming a mainstream option for many retailers and customers the development of the software has not stalled. Instead, the movement to increase the level of development to include video and the ability to search directly for advertised products means visual search will become a major aspect of the Online shopping experience in the coming years.