Visual Search is the Last Marketing Frontiers

For the last decade people have been tossing the idea of visual search around, but now it is finally here and will likely become the next big wave of the future. The amount of opportunities that visual search presents are endless, but for companies that want to market their goods there are plenty of great ways to cash in. In addition, consumers will benefit by getting the goods they want now instead of waiting forever for an item they may or may not find. With visual search, all questions about what something is or who makes it is gone forever.

The technology behind visual search is pretty complicated for those who are not coders, but the idea behind visual search is simple. Imagine seeing a handbag or skirt while you are out and about that you fall in love with. The problem is that you have no idea where to find it and are a bit too shy to ask someone where they got it. Now you can snap a quick picture and find it in a second. Not only can you find the bag, but you will also find who makes it and an easy link to who sells it. With this type of technology the last barrier to quick search is knocked down and now consumers and marketers have the ability to literally make anything searchable.

Of course, visual search is not mainstream yet, but it is getting there thanks to industry leaders like Slyce. Slyce is easily the leader in the visual search due to its proprietary visual product search that makes it easy for customers to snap and connect with companies in seconds. It works by streaming capture images across various recognition stages that are designed to help the app find the perfect match. The recognition stages are carefully programmed to return exact or almost exact results every time. Of course, you can see for yourself why six of the top 20 retailers in the US have already adopted the technology by downloading one of their apps.