Image Recognition: It’s Not Just For Faces Anymore

When most people hear the words, ‘Image Recognition’ the first thing they think of is police officers or government officials using facial recognition software to find a dangerous criminal. And while this is one facet of image recognition, it is not the only one and retailers are eager to jump on the bandwagon. Human beings are intensely visual creatures and will recognize an image or a logo long before they can read the name. Companies spend millions to design logos that are instantly recognizable for just that reason. The same goes for products, but sometimes the recognition factor will be lower and that’s when image recognition software comes in handy to help consumers find products they desire.

All of us have been there, we see a product we really like, such as a purse or a briefcase, but before we can approach the person holding our future acquisition, they’ve moved on and all you’re left with is the image. Well, if you thought to take a picture of this coveted item with your smart phone or tablet, image recognition could help you locate the manufacturer of the item or better yet a local retailer selling the item that you want. With image recognition, a picture can be worth more than a thousand words, if it helps you track down the item you want to buy.

One of the leading companies on the forefront of this new frontier is Slyce. Slyce is working with manufacturers and developers of mobile apps to make the above scenario come true for customers with smart phones and tablets. Slyce’s image recognition software is marketed under the name of Visual Search, which explains exactly what it can do for retailers. A customer takes a picture and with Visual Search image recognition integration, mobile apps are able to locate the product. Sylce is helping manufactures turn mobile devices into the ultimate concierge for finding desired products with pictures.

Image recognition might have inspired visions of police searching for criminals in the past, but with mobile application designers hard at work, this is only the beginning of the uses image recognition can achieve in the near future. Image recognition can help connect consumer with their desired products with nothing more than a picture. The same way the human eye can recognize a logo, image recognition will enable a mobile device to recognize a product.