New Jersey Real Estate Is Developing Its Less Developed Areas


New Jersey has had its share of successes and failures when matters related to real estate development are concerned. In the mid-1960’s, Pauline Hill who was Atlanta City’s housing big shark brought down an entire neighborhood so as pave a way for modern commercial development. Eighty acres of prime land were made available for development that never materialized fully. To add salt to injury, around four thousand and five hundred people were displaced. Because the big part of the project did not end up the way it was initially supposed to, the Southern Inlet remained the reserved low-rise housing area.

According to Press of Atlantic City, the neighborhood is now looking for a way to redeem its itself. Efforts and plans are underway to start reconstruction from scratch. If the plans collapse just like the way many previous ones have, this neighborhood might never get a chance to redeem itself.

However, not everyone holds a negative perception on the revival. One very optimistic developer is Waseem Boraie, VP of Boraie Development. This man believes he can succeed where many others have failed. He is particularly optimistic about reviving blocks 132 and 133 which have been the most development resistant. In the year 2012, Boraie Development presented a plan to build a residential-entertainment complex on 132 and 133.

The development plan has high chances of starting this year if everything goes according to plan. The development will also ensure that even the neighboring areas up their games when it comes to constructing high rise modern buildings. For the last three years, CRDA has been busy acquiring South Inlet properties awaiting the commencement of this project.

Boraie Development believes that the neighborhood has enormous potential. Going by the big number of Atlantic City workers who may want to rent in the neighborhood but do not have their desirable places to rent. If these people are given attractive choices to make, they will become tenants. 

The sooner the groundbreaking for the 132 and 133 re-development the better for the entire Atlanta. Boraie Development is a company with a proven track record over the years. It has turned ordinary neighborhoods into middle and high cost residential and entertainment areas. If Atlantic City gives them the go-ahead, it will have the chance to be featured on their list of successful projects. After all, we all like to live in modern and affordable posh places, don’t we?