How Social Media Can Affect Businesses

As an entrepreneur, you only want the best reviews on your products or services. With social media being so big right now, and most potential customers relying on the experiences of others, it’s important to make sure your business is portrayed in a positive light. At times it can be challenging, especially when a bitter client tries to ruin your solid reputation.


In a recent article, it talks about tips you can use to help you get through some bad press. It’s very important that you don’t jump into a public argument with a client. A lot of times you will end up being the one portrayed as unprofessional. During this time, you will want to let your customers know that business is open per usual. You can’t shut yourself down- keep business flowing. Find a way to entice your already loyal customers to stay engaged- maybe a promotion of some kind. And, of course, find support in your friends and family if you need it. Eventually, the press will die down. Just stay positive and focus on the future.


Worrying about bad press can certainly put you in a tough spot. If you’re finding that online buzz is still swirling or the bad reviews are multiplying, you can always get a little assistance. Known for helping businesses, this company can delete any bad news articles or reviews revolving around your company. By getting rid of all the negativity, when potential customers search your name, they will only see your typical reviews from loyal customers, thus giving you more clientele.


With’s help, you can stop worrying about how the negativity will affect your business. Moving forward from bad press will be much easier, and you can focus on improving your products and services even further. With social media and review sites being used as tools so often, it’s important to have a good, solid business reputation.


Status Labs President Offers Advice for Retaining Employees

Part of running a successful company is understanding that it’s the employees that make the company run smoothly. Unhappy employees equals a company in turmoil. Darius Fisher, founder and president of Status Labs, has some great advice for keeping employees happy and motivated in his post on Forbes. Status Labs is a premier reputation management firm that has grown greatly since its inception in 2012. The firm recently grew its staff by 12 percent. Fisher understands that having a happy staff is essential to business growth.
According to the post, Fisher states using incentives is one of the best ways to keep employees motivated. Offering simple things such as an extra day’s paid vacation can go a long way to keeping employees happy. The bigger the business, the bigger the incentive can be, but even small things will make an employee’s day. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to keep staff happy is a simple thank you for a job well done. It is amazing what gratitude and recognition can do for morale. Another easy step is keeping employees in the loop. When staff members don’t know what’s going on within the company, it can make them feel like they are not an important part of the business.
Replacing employees can be expensive. According to Fisher, replacing upper management positions can cost as much as the previous employees salary. Giving regular raises will keep employees from looking elsewhere to make more money. The amount in raises is a better investment in current employees than the expense of hiring someone else.
As president of Status Labs, Fisher has used all of these techniques to harbor positive morale in his staff. Fisher has worked in marketing for most of his life as a copy-writer for marketing firms as well as on political campaigns. Understanding people is an important part of marketing and management and aids Fisher in understanding and retaining employees. Although it may be impossible to completely eliminate turnover, reducing it can help a business grow.