Independent Makeup Products vs. Big Brand Makeup Products

Independent Makeup Products vs. Big Brand Makeup Products
When people think of makeup products a few big brand makeup companies almost inevitably come to mind. MAC, Elizabeth Arden, Covergirl etcetera. And while these companies have an established customer base after all the years they’ve been in business there are still many makeup companies that are considered independent entities. This is very much like how there are independent music labels or big name music labels. Independent makeup companies are not necessarily better or worse than big name makeup companies. The reason why some people prefer shopping from them is often the owner is heavily involved in the company so they know who they are purchasing from instead of several unknown CEOs that would work for a big name company. Buying makeup products from an independent makeup company is kind of like doing business with a small business owner.

Benefits of shopping at Independent Makeup Companies
When you shop at an independent makeup company you’re supporting the chance of a variety of businesses to be available to the public instead of one all encompassing business that monopolizes the other businesses. You help build a stronger economy by shopping at an independent makeup company.
As a consumer shopping at an independent makeup company is often a better shopping experience because they often go the extra mile in customer service or with creating products that customers really want. Independent makeup companies in particular usually have a certain specialty niche of products they sell. They may sell great professional makeup that is perfect for a work environment. They may focus on selling makeup for weddings or other special formal events. The company may even sell costume makeup. This specialized product focus helps ensure customer satisfaction and helps the customer search for a distributer that sells precisely what they are looking for.

Independent Makeup Company CEO Doe Deere
One such independent makeup company is Lime Crime Makeup. The company sells vibrant, rainbow colored lipsticks, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and nail polish. They create products that are perfect for cosplay, Harajuku style, and also everyday use for those who are bold and daring about their makeup. Lime Crime CEO Doe Deere is as bold and daring as her company and often wears the wild, beautiful makeup colors from the company. She has stated that she decided to start Lime Crime because she could never find the exact color palettes that she wanted and she wished to expand the makeup options for other people. She was born in Russia, moved to New York when she was young, then went on to move to Los Angeles where she lives with her husband and cats. Because of her own personal success as an independent business owner, Doe Deere continues to try to inspire other entrepreneurs of small businesses.