George Soros Supports Hillary Clinton

George Soros has been following the crisis of the world. He has been picking up patterns that led him to compare the current crisis to one in 2008. He is providing a lot of advice to people on how to handle the crisis. Among the issues that are contributing to the potentially major problem are the conflicts with Russia and the handling of the refugees in war torn countries. There is also the election that is being held in the United States. He has looked at all of the candidates and has decided that Hillary Clinton is the one he is going to support.

George Soros has given a total of $8 million to Hillary Clinton which marks this as his return to political realm after the failure to get rid of George W. Bush. He is in fact one of the largest financial contributors to American politics. However, he has taken time away from politics. He has been getting persuasions from entities during the time of the re-election of Obama. Soros has only given $1 million to Priorities USA in order to help with the Obama Administration. George Soros is taking a bold step in what could be one of the most turbulent times in recent history. However, this a needed step in order to bring in the right type of people to handle the crises.

George Soros is himself no stranger to being a refugee. He has sought asylum when he escaped from Hitler’s rule. He has worked as an investor and dealt with many different market conditions. A lot of the money he has made, he has put towards philanthropic activities in order to bring about significant changes in the world so that people can live under more humane conditions. Right now, the global economies are in trouble and it is going to take a miracle in order to bring everything back on track. 

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