End Citizens United: Reforming The System, One Endeavor At A Time

End Citizens United is a political action committee that works to enforce changes in the way the government of America works. Since the organization came into existence, they have brought about massive change in the system. They have been putting ample amount of pressure on the government to enforce their regulatory reforms that they seem to be beneficial for the security and improvement of the American society.

End Citizens United has received an incredible amount of support from people all over the country and hence has been able to make the impact on the scale that they have always wanted to. People from all over the country have been coming forward in support of the organization because of the reforms that they have already been bringing about, and the improvements that they want to bring about in the future.

Most recently, End Citizens United was responsible for unearthing a scam that took place in the recent presidential elections. One of the critical points of funding of the presidential campaigns is that outside investors from other countries are not allowed to donate to these political parties. However, upon investigation, End Citizens United uncovered that a majority of the ads that the Republican Party aired on Facebook were in fact paid for by a Russian organization. Even though there is a ban in place on foreign spending, the party worked around a loophole in the system to get their ads paid for. This, however, sheds light on a much more significant issue, which is Russia’s involvement in the United States Government and the Republican Party in particular. There have been talks about Russia meddling with the Government of the country, and unearthing something as big as this only proves that theory further. With the government in this scenario, it won’t be long before the government is taken over by another country.

Just like this, there have several other instances where the Republican party has been trying to bend the rules either to get something done or to sway things in their direction. More and more people who previously voted for them are now starting to see the atrocities caused by this party and the dire need for reforms in the government. One of the most recent developments towards these improvements was the ECU’s announcement on endcitizensunited.org that they would be backing up Doug Jones for the position of U.S Senate in Alabama. Jones will be running against Roy Moore, the candidate of the Republican Party. Moore has been known to be associated with a number of corrupt activities in the past, which is why his election would be disastrous for the state. Jones, who was previously the U.S Attorney is more fit for the job, which is why the ECU sees it apt to support him.

Search more about End Citizens United: https://www.fec.gov/data/committee/C00573261/

George Soros Supports Hillary Clinton

George Soros has been following the crisis of the world. He has been picking up patterns that led him to compare the current crisis to one in 2008. He is providing a lot of advice to people on how to handle the crisis. Among the issues that are contributing to the potentially major problem are the conflicts with Russia and the handling of the refugees in war torn countries. There is also the election that is being held in the United States. He has looked at all of the candidates and has decided that Hillary Clinton is the one he is going to support.

George Soros has given a total of $8 million to Hillary Clinton which marks this as his return to political realm after the failure to get rid of George W. Bush. He is in fact one of the largest financial contributors to American politics. However, he has taken time away from politics. He has been getting persuasions from entities during the time of the re-election of Obama. Soros has only given $1 million to Priorities USA in order to help with the Obama Administration. George Soros is taking a bold step in what could be one of the most turbulent times in recent history. However, this a needed step in order to bring in the right type of people to handle the crises.

George Soros is himself no stranger to being a refugee. He has sought asylum when he escaped from Hitler’s rule. He has worked as an investor and dealt with many different market conditions. A lot of the money he has made, he has put towards philanthropic activities in order to bring about significant changes in the world so that people can live under more humane conditions. Right now, the global economies are in trouble and it is going to take a miracle in order to bring everything back on track. 

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