The Conor Lamb Endorsement and The Political Impact Of End Citizens United

Recently, a liberal national PAC End Citizens United announced they would be endorsing Conor Lamb. It remains unclear how much the group intends on funding the Lamb’s candidacy, but they have previously raised $600000 in support of Doug Jones, the Alabama Democrat, in his election to Senate. It appears that the DNC and the DCCC will be waiting to see the amount the Lamb team will rise to support him in the expensive election race. The candidate relies on the working class for support, considering the raising performance of Democrats in the areas Trump lost. Either way, it seems like the group of voters that belong to white working class will have a significant impact on the election for both sides. It looks like deindustrialization impacted the working class and pointed the members towards the conservative party. Still, the Democrats have the support of the 3 out of 4 counties in the 18th District.

End Citizens United is an organization dedicated to limiting independent expenditure group spending. They focus their efforts on endorsing and financing candidates who stand for campaign-finance reform to be elected for Congress. Founded in 2015, the organization raised over $25 million in funds for endorsed candidates. So far, they have endorsed candidates such as Hillary Clinton, Jon Ossof, Elizabeth Warren, Beto O’Rourke, Russ Feingold and Zephyr Teachout.

The group is among the most significant outside organizations to have supported Senators Catherine Cortez and Maggie Hassan to get elected. They have spent $4.4 million combined on the 2016 election, announcing to have raised over $7.5 million by the middle of 2017. To complete their mission, the group plans on building $35 million to support endorsed candidates in the 2018 election cycle.

End Citizens United works towards reversing the decision made by the Supreme Court Citizens United (2010), which allowed unreputable money sources to enter the politics in financing political campaigns. They are raising funds for candidates who wish to pass the constitutional amendment in their mission, with over 325000 people signing their petition that demands the legislation pass from Congress. Upon partnering with “Ready for Hillary”, the group is expected to grow in numbers. To reach more liberal supporters, they will rent out their email list that counts close to 4 million people.

The group is endorsing Democratic candidates, and so far had raised significant amounts of money to support their candidacies. They aren’t the first PAC to serve this purpose, but they have managed to help a large number of candidates in getting elected. Right now, they’ve endorsed 11 candidates from the Democratic party.