Wengie’s Intuitive Design Makes Small Living Idyllic

Her style could be categorized as sophisticated, elegant, and somewhat minimalistic. Her space is small but she is a maximizer. Join Youtube sensation Wengie on an intimate tour of her elegant apartment.

From first glance, one can see that Wengie has worked hard to create visual appeal on every level. She capitalizes on the architectural brilliance of the space in order to create appeal at every turn.

Before offering viewers a detailed look she said, “I think I’ve finally got it to a place where I am proud to show you guys.” A moment into the tour, viewers can see that this is a huge understatement. Wengie’s apartment is exquisite!

On the tour, she offers commentary about her cute 58 square foot apartment. The entryway simple guides viewers into an open design kitchen and living room space. The focal point of this area then is an eye-catching white double ladder shelf which she uses to store succulents, flower arrangements, a pair of high heels, and candles.

Moving from here, the viewer is brought into her jaw-dropping sun room area. The windows are grasp worthy as they reach all the way to the ceiling and offer a stunning view of the city. This area also features a study area and sun bar table with metal stools.

From here Wengie offers a look into her bathroom and bedroom. Both of which feature a simple layout and design elements. The highlight again is definitely the floor to ceiling windows which extend into her bedroom.

The apartment is spacious with vibrant colors, plants, playful cushions, and natural lighting. She uses metallic accent pillows, vases, and containers. Theses small elements add depth and visual appeal at the micro-level. Throughout the tour, she talks about highlight certain design elements and pieces which bring her happiness and really bring tie the spaces together. Though small each space seems distinct due to careful design elements and visual cues.


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