Betsy DeVos’ charitable contributions and reformatory ideas

In the light of a recent statement made by Betty DeVos, reformatory in nature, regarding her proposition of school vouchers, there was a mixture of opinions and feelings that followed. DeVos was met with criticism by many but others support her opinion.

People say that surveys have clearly shown that people, including people of colour, support the idea of vouchers. They counteract claims that the American school system is democratically controlled with statements that it is overseen by the public employee union. Many people have also stated that as long as the school is covering at least the basic educational standards then why would it matter how they do it.

Betty DeVos is the new Secretary of Education as selected by President Donald Trump. Much like her parents, Elsa and Edgar Prince, Betsy DeVos has done a very large amount of fundraising and donations to a variety of causes which amount to a billion dollars. She is noted businesswoman, a political campaign contributor, and a philanthropist. She rose over $150 thousand in 2004 to support the campaign when George Bush was a candidate for re-election. DeVos held a Republican fundraising event at Holland, Michigan – her home town. Betsy DeVos has some experience in politics as well from the time she was the finance chairperson for the National Republican Senatorial Committee for two years, and leadership experience amassed during her work within the administration of a wide variety of projects over the years. For many years Family DeVos have been highly active participants in Republican political matters, they have donated a total of over $20 million. Presently, Betsy DeVos is also a member of the Foundation for Excellence in Education. Check this related article from

Together with her husband in 1989, Betsy launched the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. The goal of Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is to support social justice, arts, education, and community. Dick and Betsy DeVos have made donations that amass to a total of over $150 million to a huge number of charitable causes. They have also been avid supporters of the American education. Many educational institutions have benefitted from Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. Some of those institutions include the Potter’s House, a Christian school located in Grand Rapids in Michigan, The Success Academy Charter Schools, University of Maryland College Park Foundation (which have an arts management institute named after the DeVos family), and the nonprofit Alliance for School Choice, Cornell University’s Weill Cornell Medical Center, the School of Missionary Aviation Technology. Among the benefits of the DeVos family’s involvement in charity and fundraising is that they have established the ArtPrize (2009). That is an international competition of Arts that is held in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Betsy DeVos, her family, and her husband have formed a large part of the charitable donations in America.

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Online Reputation Management Comes To The Fore After Ashley Madison Hack

The problems caused by the publishing of the personal information of those registered with the Ashley Madison Website have continued to grow in the weeks following the release of the information. The Impact Team who released the information have allowed a huge industry to grow up around the information that was released, which has seen Online reputation management companies like Status Labs working overtime to protect their clients.

The Texas based public relations and online reputation management company was already being used by more than 1,500 clients under the leadership of Darius Fisher, the President and co-founder of Status Labs. Events like the Ashley Madison hack are the type of activities the company was established to manage and has been extremely vocal in its attempts to help members of the general public who may be affected by the hack. In their spacious new offices in Austin, Status Labs have been working overtime to identify the growing number of issues the Ashley Madison breach has caused.

Status Labs Darius Fisher and his team believe the impact of the Ashley Madison hack will be felt for weeks and months into the future. The impact will be felt directly by those who registered with the site and indirectly by interested parties who search Online for the names of those registered with Ashley Madison. The first wave of problems is being felt by those registered with the Website who have already begun to report Online extortion and blackmail attempts, many revolving around demands for Bitcoins. These extortion attempts are based on releasing the fact a public figure or respected member of a community registered with a Website designed to link people wanting to conduct discreet extra marital affairs.

The second wave of problems will follow for those who spent time searching the Internet for a database providing the details of those registered with Ashley Madison. This wave of problems will be caused by malware infected Websites promising access to the Ashley Madison details will allow criminals and hackers access to the computers and mobile devices of people across the world. Malware allows a hacker the ability to access the personal information stored on a computer or mobile device, which is used to steal personal information and details regarding the identity of an individual and their financial details.

How Image Recognition Has Advanced in the Modern World

Image processing technologies are occasionally used to adjust captured image data via the modification of those image parameters such as gradation, contrast, color tone and resolution. Most companies are researching into new image processing technologies that go beyond limits of adjustments by interpreting captured images into elementary elements and then reassembling them. Slyce is the leading visual search manufacturer for brands and retailers. The company uses proprietary visual product search product technology to assist people link with their clients at all times. Slyce has refined their progressive image recognition technology that streams captured images via an array of recognition levels to accurately select matches. It has been thoroughly designed to send back the same or close matching product outcomes for each search.

Two independent scientist groups have built artificial intelligence software that is able to identify and outline the content of videos and photographs with a very high accuracy than ever before and at times they even mime human level of intelligence. Up to date, the computer vision has greatly been restricted to recognizing certain objects. The latest software explained by researchers teaches itself to recognize a whole scene, for example, a herd of cattle grazing on a grassy plain or kids playing football.

The developments may make it viable to advance search and catalog millions of images and hours of videos present online, which is frequently not well depicted and archived. Currently, search engines such as Google greatly depend on written language followed by a video or an image to affirm what it contains. Amid the last five years, video cameras have been used in a significant number of private and private entities. Specialist say that in the future, the software driving the cameras will be able to locate certain individuals through facial recognition as well as identifying particular types of behavior and most likely even automatically alarming the authorities.

Google specialists built image recognition software two years ago and ascertained it using 10 million images obtained from YouTube videos. The program trained itself to identify cats without human instruction. The artificial intelligence programs currently installed in new cars can detect pedestrians and cyclists from cameras located on top of the windshield and can halt the car automatically when the driver doesn’t do anything to avert a collision. Computer vision specialists say that regardless of the improvements, such software systems have made little progress concerning the goal of digitally replicating human vision and above all evasive, understanding.

New Electric Aircraft Engine Paves Way to Cleaner Air Travel

Climate change is creating an imperative for the world to go over to nonpolluting, renewable forms of energy. Fortunately, the people of the world seem to be paying attention to this fact for the most part. The adoption of wind and especially solar power for new power plant construction around the world is phenomenal. Of course, existing coal plants will be online for many years to come, but they are on the decline as far as new construction. Cars are the other big source of both pollution and excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, at least if you ask Andy Wirth. Electric cars are coming of age with battery technology constantly improving, and electric car prices continue coming down over the years.

Of course, this is nowhere near as big a source as cars or power plants, as cars ridiculously outnumber planes and power plants have to put out enough energy to power whole cities. Still, there are developments that look encouraging on this front as well. Siemens has just come up with a practical, powerful electrical aircraft engine. Siemens is working with Airbus to create hybrid engines for air travel just as we have had them in cars for years now.

Trade Adjustment Assistance Bill Falls in the House

The House overwhelmingly voted against a trade deal that would provide President Obama with fast track authority to make trade agreements. The Trade Adjustment Assistance bill was denied by a landslide vote, effectively shutting down a key part of Obama’s quest for fast track trade authority. This piece of legislation was required in order to continue efforts for the Trans Pacific Partnership, which has been a topic of heated debate throughout politics over the last few months. The TPP would set up a new free trade arrangement through a group of Asian nations, which has been a mainstay of the Obama administration’s foreign policy.

The Trade Adjustment Assistance bill required all of the Democratic representatives’ support, and has split most Republican representatives. Although the bill did receive support from both sides of the aisle, Democrats overwhelmingly voted against the bill. This happened in even more numbers than expected after Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi made a statement that she would be voting against the measure. Republicans and commentators are criticizing Obama relentlessly for not having support from his own party, and this is another example of his lacking. He did not have the ability to rally his party in support of a mainstay bill, showing his disconnect with Congress as Mikal Watts points out.

The Weather In Alaska Is Changing: The State Had The Hottest May In Almost 100 Years

The Town Of Eagle Recorded A 91° Reading In May

There are members of Congress and elected officials that doubt that the world is experiencing climate change. But there is little doubt that parts of the world that were considered very cold places now have incredibly warm weather. Skeptics say it a temporary weather pattern, or a normal weather cycle that won’t last long. But global warming is much more than a normal weather cycle that won’t last long.Global warming is real. Global warming isn’t just about the air temperature. Global warming is exactly what it appears to mean. The Globe, the Earth, is getting warmer. There is something going on beneath the surface of the earth, and no one knows exactly what or why it’s happening.

What scientists do know is the snow is melting faster, and the ocean levels are rising according to Flavio Maluf. Within the next thirty years, the shoreline of countries around the globe will change. When that happens, the skeptics will begin to react. That reaction might be better late than never, as the skeptics often say.

Man Attends High School Graduation of Girl He Saved as Baby

Things may not have ended well for Dawnielle Denison if it had not been for the effort of firefighter Mark Hughes. He was a captain of the Wenatchee, Washington fire department when he was called to a burning home. Once there, he barely saved the life of nine-month-old Dawnielle.

“Our engine pulled up and the whole interior part of the house was burning heavily,” said Hughes to ABC News. “My partner and I went in and I got a call on the radio that they suspected somebody was in the house. I went straight to the place in the house that I thought I’d find somebody. The door to the bedroom was partially open and she was in her crib just squirming so i snatched her up and got her to the front door and handed her off to the first firefighter who was there.”

Sam Tabar has learned that seven years ago Hughes wondered what happened to the baby. He tracked her down on Facebook and the two reconnected.

Hughes is now 61-years-old and retired. He kept up with Dawnielle’s progress over the years, even attending some of her high school track meets. He was surprised and excited when she invited him to attend her graduation out of the blue.

Incorporate Olympic Valley is Not Fiscally Viable

Beautiful Olympic Valley will always be remembered for the astonishing 1960 Olympic Winter Games. But the ongoing idea for city hood in Olympic Valley is sure to be a complete downfall for the land and the community. The beautiful landscape and stunning views is known as a wonderful tourist attraction during the winter season, but with fewer than 1,000 full time residents living in the area, fiscal analysis already concludes that the city will not be able to financially support itself. Due to the lack of varieties of income, the largest revenue source Olympic Valley has is their occupancy tax on hotel guests, and with such a limited source of government revenue, attempting to build a city out of Lake Tahoe’s Olympic Valley could prove to be more of a burden to the community than a blessing.

Incorporation has been viewed as an outlook to those who are interested in making a city out of Olympic Valley, but even under two separate test scenarios, it has been determined that, even if incorporation moves forward in the next year, Olympic Valley will still grow a financial deficit of $1.8 million dollars annually by the 2017-18 fiscal year and, if incorporation doesn’t ensue during that time, the experimental scenarios have determined a possibility for an even larger deficit. These facts are in line with the predictions made by local CEO and resident Andy Wirth of Save Olympic Valley.

The land-use forecasting firm, RSG, has also concluded that Incorporation would not be feasible at this time. The community has been pushing for Incorporation for the last two years due to new proposals arising of condos and an increase of commercial space, people believe that, if incorporation begins in Olympic Valley, they will have more say in the acceptance of these proposals.


For more information regarding the Cityhood of Olympic Valley, please visit Sacramento Biz Journal.