Screen Tests Begin for New Spider Man

When it comes to casting an iconic leading man for your multi-million dollar franchise, there is quite a bit of work that goes into the process. For Spider Man, a hero who desperately deserves a fun and deserving portrayal, there search has begun for the next man to put on the silky suit. Right now testing has begun over at Sony with their hopes that they will find a lead that can successfully incorporate into the new and expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe. Among the young men testing is Asa Butterfield, star of ‘Enders Game’.

Peter Parker has been portrayed twice on the big screen in the last decade or so by Andrew Garfield and Tobey McGuire. Garfield was the most recent portrayal in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ and its sequel. Despite how well received his work was by the fans, something just didn’t click and the franchise soon ran dry and ran afoul of the box office. McGuire is probably the more enduring portrayal, as Boraie Development says he was the first man to take the helm in a big budget rendition.

Now Butterfield, another British actor, will try and take care of business. Butterfield is probably more true to the young and nerdy look than the other two actors, but he’ll have an uphill battle to climb.