“Everyone has the potential to do extraordinary things”


In our modern day and age it is difficult to balance both spirituality and business and be successful. However, what most people forget is that the difficulty is not with spirituality, but religion. A business could and probably is dead without some spirit. Spirituality gives a certain view on the business scene, and is often increased with the business. Where do you get your sustainability? What can help with creativity? What makes you think and brings people together to be included? How can principles be developed? And what helps promote vocation? All of these are simply apart of spirituality. Since Spirituality is a personal matter, it helps with business much like yoga helps with health.

One prominent example of this balance is Joseph Bismark. Assuming the role of Qi Group Managing Director and leading his company to success with the building blocks of spirituality. He is a versatile leader and actively pursues knowledge. Aside from being a bonsai master, and a devotee of the Lord, he is well versed in how spirituality helps in everyday life. What he brought to the company was a belief that everyone has the power to excel. He wants people to learn and grow with his company. These two values, and perhaps many more, is what make Joseph Bismark an inspiration to everyone. He is humble, not wanting to be measured by his success.

There is one thing that makes Joseph Bismark unique and that is his background. He was not raised with this innate spirituality enlightenment. He grew up like anyone has; comfortable home, good food. He felt that there was much more he can learn, and so he left to become a monk at age 9. During his tenure there he learned a simple way of life. He did not return to the corporate world until he was seventeen, but he used what he learned to co-find his company. Since returning and becoming a success, he has not only continued with being the group managing director of QI Group, but has started blogs, hardwork, and books. As he says, “True happiness lies in the understanding of our real identity as spirit souls and not the physical body.”