Jorge Moll Advocates for Innovation and the Use of Technology to Better the Brazilian Healthcare Sector

Jorge Moll is a Brazilian neurologist and businessman who owns the country’s largest private group of hospitals, the D’Or hospital network. As the president of the network, he has greatly contributed to revolutionizing patient care and treatment in Brazil through innovation. At a seminar held early this year, Jorge Moll gave his insights into innovative entrepreneurship management in the health sector. In his address, he highlighted some of the trends he has witnessed in the health sector, both nationally and internationally, and the impact these trends are having on contemporary hospital management (MollLab). One of the trends he is currently focused on is providing healthcare services at a lower cost while minimizing wastage. He has, therefore, come up with the Total Health Management Model whose intent is to help healthcare operators to understand patient treatment and hospital pathways more leading to both technical and perceived quality. Medical auditors are, therefore, crucial to making the project a success without impairing medical quality. Consequently, the model will take charge of a patient from the moment they step into the outpatient clinic and see them through all the departments of the hospital they need to go through, enhancing patient care.


Technology in Medical Care


Jorge Moll is a huge proponent of incorporating technology in providing healthcare services. Not only can technology increase interaction time between doctors and their patients, but it also allows the doctor to give the patient his/her full attention by taking away the need to consult files or take notes. This allows for better medical evaluation while promoting greater safety. Early this year, Jorge Moll invited Dr. Albert Chan, a vice president at Sutter Health in the USA, to come and speak on the role of technology in advancing healthcare. This alliance was aimed at revolutionizing patient care and treatment within Brazil. Moll hopes to see more of such alliances within the country.


Link between Volunteering and Well-being


Additionally, Jorge Moll is the president of D’Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR). Through research conducted by the institute, Moll and his colleagues have shown how volunteering is important for boosting your health. When you volunteer, areas of the brain linked to pleasure, feeling of belonging, and well-being are activated. Consequently, engaging in voluntary work not only reduces your risk of getting diseases such as heart problems and diseases, but it also increases the length of your life. Jorge Moll, therefore, encourages you to engage in voluntary work even as we approach the Christmas season.

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