Choosing North American Spine Experts For Health Needs

Spine issues are never something that should be taken lightly. Jumping into surgery before all other options have been tried can cause irreparable damage to tissues and may not solve the isues. That is why North American Spine does things differently.

Continuum Of Care

North American Spine has set forth a continuum of care for all of their patients. They do not just rush into a surgical procedure they try all options first, leaving surgery as a last resort. The specialists there will first do a thorough review of the medical conditions that are causing pain, lack of motion and a degeneration of the patient’s quality of life.

Once the issue has been identified, rest and over the counter drugs will be the first option. Then the patient will move on to seeking weight loss and core strengthening moves to help alleviate the pain. If there is still issues after this then chiropractice and physical therapy will be tried. The point is that surgery is never first.


Every procedure carries a risk. Getting sick from Ibuprofen is an associated risk with taking it. That is why North American Spine Experts do not reccomend surgery as the first choice. There are great risks with it. Even the minimally invasive procedures that the accurascope offers still carries a risk.

Not everyone heals the same. Tissue damage can happen even when the procedure has a very small incision site. All surgery is invasive to some level and being able to heal from it is a key to future success gained from it. Every caution is taken to pinpoint the exact place where corrective surgery will be performed. MRI’s, X-Rays’ and physical exams are all a part of the surgery work up.

Ongoing Issues

Patients do need to keep in mind that while North American Spine is among the best in the nation for spinal surgery, problems can recur and relapse can happen. As the body ages pain is simply a part of it. Back issues and mobility problems are also a big part of the aging process.

What is highly suggested is that the person gets involved with exercise classes, yoga, or anything that will keep them moving and flexible. Keeping core strength is also a large part of combating pain and highly recommended by North American Spine reviews, according to patients.

Spine issues are nothing to ignore or take lightly. Making sure that every precaution to prevent long term issues is an important facet to maintaining spinal health. North American Spine is there when those little issues become too much to deal with alone.