Leader Of Capital Group Sees Trends In After-Election Market

After receiving an undergraduate degree from Middlebury College, Timothy Armour began his career at Capital Group in the company’s Associate Program. Showing great potential, he moved up the ranks quickly, becoming an equity investment analyst.

He worked by covering the country’s service companies and global telecommunications. Thirty-three years after the beginning of his career at Capital Group he now sits as the company’s Chairman and CEO, as well as Chairman, Chairman of the Capital Group Companies Management Committee, and Principal Executive Officer of the company’s Capital Research and Management Company, Inc.

Capital Group is a financial institution founded in 1931 by Jonathon Bell Lovelace. Starting off as a small company, Capital Group has grown into a world leader in the industry. Headquartered in Los Angeles, the company is focused on giving superior results to long-term investors. They provide private equity, investment, and private wealth management services to individual and institutional clients. The company has secured $1.4 trillion funds and working with numerous investors across the globe. Tim Armour was elected to his current position after years of plans, formalized after former Chairman James Rothenberg passed away.

Tim holds firm in the belief that due diligence is necessary in doing research for investment purposes. His knowledge and experience allows him to see market trends and give advice accordingly. It is his belief that 2017 should be an interesting year. He sees corporate earnings as being the most important factor of the year, with its growth dependent on how quickly global domestic product grows, not only in this country but all over the world. He believes that with the election just occurring, there should be faster growth and that that will be reflected in corporate earnings.

He also believes that investment managers need to pay attention to the deviation in the growth rate in 2017. This growth rate is relative to the growth outside of the country. In order to keep corporate earnings growing, the entire global economy needs to grow.

Tim Armour spends his time deducing which companies or industries will benefit from the market and which ones won’t. With more inflation in the system, commodity-oriented businesses and companies could do much better by having more pricing power. Since the election, there has been a big rotation involving companies that were doing well before the election with the companies which are doing well now. He believes banks’ interest rates after the election will benefit them the most.

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