Equities First Holdings Offers Clients with Affordable Non-Purpose Loans

Equities First Holdings (EFH) Limited is a leading global company that provides clients with securities based loans to individual and commercial clients. By offering securities-based loans to its clients, the company has tapped into a market niche that had hitherto been largely unexploited. As a result, the company has experienced an upward trend in the recent years as more and more customers continue to seek for its services. The company has located its offices in various cities across the globe including its various wholly-owned subsidiaries. In Australia, the company’s offices are located in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.In addition to its Australian offices, the company also operates in over nine global countries including Switzerland, Thailand, Singapore, China, and United Kingdom.

The company has been offering its clients with the much-needed alternative financial solutions since 2002. Their relaxed lending criterion has enabled it to gain more traction in securities-based loans and margin loans in the current economic climate. Particularly, the company provides low interest securities-based loans with minimal requirements for qualification. Equities First Holdings’ founder and Chief Executive Officer, Al Christy Jr., believes that securities-based loans are an innovative and cost-effective borrowing alternative for creditworthy clients seeking working capital. Typically, securities-based loans are associated with a higher loan-to-value ratio relative to credit-based loans. Stock-based loans also provide clients with certainty because they have fixed interest rates.Click here to know more.

Services Offered by Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings specializes in offering alternatives financial solutions in form of stock-based loans to individual and commercial clients. Unlike credit-based loans, stock-based loans are not vulnerable to the risks associated with market fluctuations due to their fixed interest rates. Regulations require borrowers to disclose the purpose of their loans. In light of this, Equities First Holdings offers its clients with non-purpose loans implying that the borrowed funds can be used to finance any project.