Cone Marshall- Excelling Beyond the Norm

About Cone Marshall

Cone Marshall is a legal firm dealing with international families and their advisers. The company helps by establishing partnerships and businesses in New Zealand and offering global wealth planning advice and services. Cone Marshall has a huge client base and has worked over the years to build trust and loyalty among its customers. It serves private banks, family advisers, trustees, attorneys, and other organizations located within and outside New Zealand. The objective is to help them succeed in planning well for their clients.

Cone Marshall offers comprehensive full New Zealand tax, succession, trust, structuring advice, and provides administrative services. All the inquiries customers make with the company are kept confidential and protected by legal professional privilege. Through Cone Marshall, companies now find it easier to get a tax advantage from New Zealand. The company boasts of an army of companies spread all over and continue to offer professional services to clients across the board in respectable and professional manner.

Cone Marshall and Karen Marshall

It works with a team of experienced professionals including Karen Marshall who is a director in the company. She has been working for Cone Marshall since November 2005 and a principle since 2006, April. Her experience and role at the company include working as the director of Trust Company as a Trustee.

Before she joined the firm, she had worked at another established law firm in the Commercial Litigation department. She was an acting adviser to two statutory trustee companies and has represented and advised Trustees of Charitable Touts on claims by beneficiaries. She has vast experience in managing Touts and responding to requests from settlers and their clients. At the helm of the company’s leadership, she has ensured that processes run smoothly and that the firm attains its goals and objectives seamlessly.

Other Notable Milestones

The firm, whose owners are Karen Marshall and Geoffrey Cone, is critical to the foreign trust sector in Auckland, New Zealand. They are the trendsetters in the NZ Trustee Companies Association, which is a combination of four trust companies. The firms successfully lobbied to end the review of the trust law. The two leaders have more than a thousand company directorship on the New Zealand register. Currently, not all these companies are actively involved. Some of their employees are taking up the role of Geoffrey himself who is now based in Uruguay. However, the number of companies they have registered is still growing some of which represent some larger trust firms internationally.

Financial Losses For Corn Industry Claimed In Legal Fight

The US corn industry is fighting back after one of the worst years in the history of the agricultural industry and attorney Mikal Watts is focusing the blame squarely on the shoulders of a single company. In late 2013 the Chinese government refused to allow US grown corn to enter its borders after claiming the seed used to grow the crops had been tainted by genetically modified organisms. The seed that caused the problem was the MIR 162 strain produced by Swiss agricultural giant Syngenta, which had been permitted into the US in 2010 and made its way into the crops produced over the next three years. Unable to remove all traces of MIR 162 from the corn being exported, US farmers faced a ban on the 20 percent of total US corn production usually shipped to foreign shores.

Dallas, Texas based attorney Mikal Watts is now seeking to claim back some of the billions of dollars in lost earnings the US agricultural industry was faced with as he puts together a mass filing against Syngenta. Watts has a large amount of experience in fighting large corporations in court, which includes a $750 million victory over the Bayer Crop Sciences group. Qualified in 1989 at the age of 21, Mikal Watts has worked in many different areas of law since then and now specializes in large scale personal injury law cases.

Wikipedia reports on the devastating effect on the corn industry of the arrival of the GMO seed left the industry in dire straits throughout 2014 and is only seeing a return to normal trading. At the lowest point in the crisis the price of a bushel of corn fell from a reported $7 to $3.50, which has prompted many in the agricultural industry to fight for monetary compensation with the assistance of Mikal Watts.