SEC Whistleblowers Given Help By Leading Law Firm

The 2008 economic slowdown caused major problems around the world as people from all areas sought the best ways of dealing with a global economy that had stalled to such an extent the effects are still felt in 2016. In response to the problems of 2008 the Securities and Exchange Commission took stops to avoid any similar problems occurring in the future by working alongside legislators to introduce the Dodd-Frank Act, which introduced wide ranging measures to regulate the financial industry; among the changes made was the introduction of an SEC Whistleblower program introduced by Jordan A. Thomas to assist those who felt issues should be raised with the SEC regarding companies or individuals being dealt with in the industry.

Jordan A. Thomas has now brought his skills to the law firm of Labaton Sucharow as they have established one of the first dedicated SEC whistleblower departments. Under the leadership of Thomas the company has been making a mark aiding those who are looking to raise awareness of irregularities in the financial industry whether in the form of a company they work for or any other area of the financial world.

The group is looking to make sure those who join the SEC Whistleblower program have the chance to enjoy all the protections and benefits the program allows, which include a guarantee over future employment when their activities have been revealed. Further issues the law firm are looking to assist whistleblowers in are the monetary rewards that can be found in some areas of the SEC Whistleblower program, which include the awarding of funds to the individual when fines and penalties are taken out against a company or individual by the SEC.

Working with a specialist group when an individual believes serious problems can be found in any financial company can have its benefits as Labaton Sucharow employ an entire team of specialists with skills developed to ensure the claims of any person are investigated to make sure they are wroth taking to the SEC; avoiding bringing unnecessary claims to the SEC will avoid embarrassment and reduce the chances of future problems for the individual involved in bringing their concerns forward.

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How is The Brazilian Legal System Set Up?

Brazilian Legal System Based On European Civil Law

Brazilian law is based on European law, more specifically civil law. This is in contrast with the legal system of the rest of the world, which is based in common law. Thus, there are some differences between Brazilian law and the legal system which you may be most familiar with. Here is a brief exploration of some of those differences so that you can be better-equipped to work with a Brazilian lawyer when legal issues need to be resolved. Similar to the legal system of the United States, the country has both federal and state laws.

Basic Constitutional Rights Are In Place

The legal system only allows the supreme court to approve legislation, and lower courts have no such authority to do so. The Brazilian government has 3 branches, in common with the United States. The Brazilian constitution protects all rights of individuals, including those whom are accused of crimes. Habeas Corpus also protects individuals from being accused of crimes unfairly.

Protections Exist For Workers In The National Constitution

For those expanding businesses in Brazil, there are also protections which are guaranteed to workers in the constitution. Minimum wage, the right of individuals to form unions, paid vacation leave, and maternity leave are also guaranteed to workers. Employers also must ensure that their workplaces are safe, and purchase occupational accident insurance for their employees. The constitution also protects union membership, but also stipulates that union membership must only occur under the means of free association. Large companies (of over 200 employees) must also elect an employee whom will represent them in negotiation with the managers of that company.

Brazilian Land Considered The National Territory

Brazil is considered to be the “national territory” with respect to the law. This also includes the exclusive economic zone of the nation. By law, companies whom are exploring for oil and natural gas must also compensate the state where the petroleum exploration operations occur. This is something which companies whom are exploring for Petroleum in Brazil must keep in mind.

Ricardo Tosto Is A Top Corporate Lawyer in Brazil

For companies seeking to expand in Brazil, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is one of the most prominent lawyers for doing so. He is an entrepreneur whom started out in his small legal office, joined larger firms, and eventually created his own corporate law firm. He has even worked to create appropriate economic legislation to move Brazil forward economically. He frequently provides his legal services pro-bono for the Brazilian government. The most important cases are most often Ricardo’s responsibility because of his experience in working with large legal firms. His own law firm became the largest law firm in Brazil.