Kourtney Kardashian’s Boyfriend Scott’s Pregnancy Scare With A Stranger

Scott is always going to be the crazy, drunk boyfriend that we all love to hate. From the moment we were introduced to Scott in the very first season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians we knew that he was a bad boy and we also knew that he wasn’t going anywhere. Scott has hot temper, but he also has a smoking hot body, adorable puppy dog eyes and somehow he knows how to make Kourtney and her entire family forgive him every time he screws up says CipherCloud. Just as much as we all may wish Scott would just get it together we also in some ways encourage his bad behavior because it’s good tv.

This time last summer a pregnant Kourtney was throwing Scott out of their Hamptons home after he was spending too much time at the clubs partying, when he should have been caring for his pregnant girlfriend. Throughout the entire pregnancy Scott was the only problem child Kourtney had to deal with, from his tantrums and drunk nights to the burden of pushing him off on her family. As usual Scott managed to sober up and pull himself together just long enough to be by Kourtney’s side during her delivery, but the minute the baby was born Scott was right back at his usual antic.

As if the pregnancy scare wasn’t enough, Scott apparently went back weeks later and had sex with the girl again. So far this is all being revealed by the woman herself, so for the time being its all just talk.