How Eric Pulier has Encouraged Growth of Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy

Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur whose works have contributed largely to the growth of business and entrepreneurship. He is a technologist and a published author whose works have helped many young and upcoming entrepreneurs to locate their way around business and entrepreneurship. Eric also comes out as a prolific public speaker with a great resume for delivering speeches on key issues in the world of business and social life.

Among the ventures he has co-founded and founded are Media Platform, Desktone and US Interactive, which have been offering support to young and upcoming entrepreneurs. Eric Pulier has invested big into charitable organizations and most of the technological projects he has completed have been directed at offering support to charity work. He is a passionate giver and most of his time is spent offering support to those who are in need and the marginalized.

Education and early life

Born in Teaneck, New Jersey, Eric Pulier started programming computers at an early age while he was in fourth grade. At the time he joined high school, Eric had created a computer database company. When he proceeded to the Harvard University, Eric Pulier selected English and American Literature as his core subject. He at the same time pursued Computer Science at MIT College.

While at the Harvard University, Eric Pulier contributed articles to The Harvard Crimson, a magazine produced for the campus, and most of his articles were focused on entrepreneurship and business. Through dedication and passion, he completed both courses in 1988 and emerged with high honors.


Having completed campus, Eric Pulier began pursuing business and projects that would add value to the community. He moved to Los Angeles three years after graduating and launched his first project, People Doing Things, which is a company that specialized on offering information on the progress of different sectors of the government like healthcare and education.


Eric Pulier has also authored several books and journals addressing issues in different sectors. One of his popular publications, Understanding Enterprise SOA, which was released in 2005, offers entrepreneurs invaluable information that seeks to show the interdependencies that exist between technology and businesses using real life examples.

Villagers Build Bridge After the Government Ignores Their Requests

The people of nine different villages in the Haryana’s Sirsa district of India needed a bridge to help them get their produce into town faster. But when they requested that the government give them aid and build them a bridge, they were met with a wall of red tape and bureaucrats who didn’t care enough to pay attention to them.

After realizing that the government wasn’t going to give them any help, the people decided to simply do it themselves. Using the power of crowdfunding, they collected enough money to build their own bridge.

The bridge is nearly finished, and will be 250 feet long and 14 feet wide. Work on it was begun in April of last year. The idea was hatched after one man by the name of Hardev Singh encountered an engineer who was working on a government-funded bridge. He asked about the cost, then started discussing the idea of raising the money themselves with other locals.

The bridge will reduce the trek to town by more than 18 miles, and will also give them easier access to markets reports Igor Cornelsen. It will be inaugurated in a ceremony which politicians and government officials have not been invited to witness, as they haven’t even bothered to visit the site.

“We have no place for politicians or bureaucrats in our list of invitees for the bridge’s inauguration,” Singh stated. He went on to add that those who had contributed financially to the project were “more important than those who fooled us for more than three decades.”