Chris Burch Builds the Best Resort in the World in the Middle of Nowhere in Indonesia

Chris Burch is venturing into the hospitality industry as one of his entrepreneurial expansions. He has founded and cofounded some of the most successful brands in the world including C. Wonder and Tony Burch. Together with hotelier James McBride, Chris purchases a beach hostel on Sumba Island in Indonesia back in 2012. The two investors spent more than 30 million dollars in renovation to reopen the resort Nihiwatu in 2015. The next year the resort became ranked as the best hotel in the world according to travel + leisure.

Burch told the Business jet traveler in an interview that he purchased the hostel as an investment for his children and with the hope that one day it will a source for giving back to the community. He attributes the beauty of the resort as being part of the natural pallets beauty, which gives one the motivation to do things they cannot do in other places. At Nihiwatu you can have a butler in every room and also have a spa under a waterfall, things that can’t happen in all areas. Chris is pleased that the resort turned out to more than he expected which is a rare occurrence, as most times things often become less than ones expectation.

The wall street journal gives an insight claiming that Burch divides his times between a number of places including Miami, Indonesia at his resort and the Hamptons. The Nihiwatu resort has 27 private villas among them being the Raja Mendaka, which is his private residence. His home has four villas in addition to his main house. Each of these sections has a private plunge pools.  Check for an article worth reading.

About Burch Christopher

Chris Burch is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. He is known for his active entrepreneurial ventures in industries that cut across all divides. He has been a successful entrepreneur for over forty years now and is attributed to developing a number of luxury brands including the Faena hotel, Voss water, Poppin, Jawbone, Universe and recently the Nihiwatu resort. He is also a former member of Guggenheim Capital and The Continuum Group.

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Burch began his entrepreneurial early in 1976 when he was still an undergrad in Ithaca college. Together with his brother Bob, the two invested 2000 dollars in Eagle’s Eye apparel which they grew to 165 million worth and sold it to Swire Group. Burch then became an early investor in Capital group. His intuitive on mastering customer behavior together with is experience in sourcing excellent infrastructure made him excel in all his endeavors.  Related article on

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