George Soros Invests In Gold Owing To The Changing Global Markets

George Soros’s bearish investments have registered mixed success. However, recently he has been engrossed in trading. People close to him assert that he has been spending much time in his office because he anticipates changes in the economic prospects. This year, Soros funds have registered an upward growth. In a previous filing, the investments made by Soros Fund Management have increased in line with the many macro hedge funds.

The last time that Soros paid close attention to his firms trading activities was in 2007. During this period, Soros was worried about the housing bubble. To this end, he placed bearish wagers that resulted in $ 1 billion worth of profit. In an email, Soros confided that fall outs from unwinding investments in China would have global implications. With other Asian countries accumulating foreign currencies, China is suffering from capital flight. This situation is depleting the country’s foreign currency reserves.

George Soros argued that China is facing internal aggression within its political quotas. Soros asserted that in the future political wrangles would have adverse effects on China’s ability to handle financial matters. Soros is anticipating benefiting from such political and economic conflicts in China.

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Cramer: Investing like George Soros will never make you rich

After staying out of trading for a while, George Soros has returned to his forte of trading. The inherent opportunities in the global economy have inspired his willingness to profit from the economic troubles. Concerned about the large market shifts, Soros has decided to direct a series of large bearish investments. People close to Soros posits that he is confident of his gains, as he has correctly made predictions against the global economy. Soros made huge gains from a bet he made back in 1992 against the British Pound. In the recent, years, Soros has been more concerned with philanthropic activities as well as matters on public policy. Soros has greatly contributed to the Super PAC backing Hillary Clinton.

About George Soros
George Soros is the founder of the Soros Fund Management. He is also the founder of the Open Society Foundations. Soros’s past in Budapest was not what one would want for his or her children. During World War II, Soros managed to survive the Nazi occupation. Soros fled to England in 1947. After attending the London School of Economics, Soros graduated and soon after, moved to the United States. Soros made a huge fortune and was able to establish the Open Society Foundation with the objective to fighting dictatorship and bad governance in the society.

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What Can You Learn From George Soros Gold Purchase?

Timing is very difficult for the average investor, but for some reason Billionaire George Soros has mastered this trait. His Quantum hedge fund was one of the most successful in trading history. In 2016, George Soros is adjusting his portfolio by adding gold miners. Should wise investors take note?

“What is going on at the beginning of 2016?”

All around the world, stock exchanges are heading south at the beginning of 2016. At the Davos economic conference, George Soros made some very ominous statements – “We are repeating [2008].” So what does that mean?

Didn’t the Federal Reserve solve the problems back in 2008? Didn’t it make the top banks solvent again?

Yes and No.

Based on official criteria for what constitutes a recession, the world’s economy has recovered from 2008. Stock markets had increased and banks had started lending again. But the problem that Philanthropist George Soros alludes to are under the surface.

“Senator Ron Paul Called for Auditing the Fed”

Senator Ron Paul had authored HR 1207 to audit the Federal Reserve. Senator Paul had stated that “[s]ince the Fed’s creation in 1913 the dollar has lost more than 96% of its value, and by recklessly inflating the money supply the Fed continues to distort interest rates and intentionally erodes the value of the dollar.” But isn’t the United States Dollar strong?


In 2016, the United States Dollar is stronger than ever, but stock exchanges continue to fall. Unemployment rates are increasing too.

“What Does Philip Diehl Say?”

In 2015, George Soros sold his banking stocks and purchased gold mining stocks according to Marketwatch. This was his reaction over concern that banks remained weak after the 2008 sub-prime mortgage crisis. Gold mining stocks had been very low as commodity prices continued to fall after 2011.

During the US Money Reserve Podcast with Eric Dye, US Money Reserve president Philip Diehl discussed the dollar strength and five reasons for buying government-issued gold coins: 1. 2008 Credit Crunch, 2. Gold-Backed ETFs, 3. Federal Reserve, 4. Paper Dollar and 5. Counterfeiting. Some gold bars have been adulterated with tungsten; official government minted coins are more difficult to counterfeit.

As explained in a recent radio interview, wise investors should pay attention to the experts. Perhaps, George Soros’ purchase of gold miners was a warning. US Money Reserve president Philip Diehl sells gold coins, which allow you to protect your wealth.

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Madison Street Capital: The 14th M&A Advisor Awards Nominee

The awards are facilitated by M&A Advisor, which was created in 1998.The aim of creating this body was to help in restructuring and funding professionals in the market. It boosts of informed knowledge and understanding on merger and acquisition undertakings. In addition, it has helped create a global leading network for M&A’s through various activities that revolve around publishing, research, symposiums, awards, and reporting.
M&A Advisor Awards are annual awards, which are considered the prime achievement in the financial industry. The awards focus and acknowledge various activities such as superb deal making abilities, celebrating the achievements and contributions of top professionals, and financing and restructuring.
Madison Street Capital LLC refers to a global firm for investment banking purposes with its offices in Africa, Asia, and United States. The firm offers a wide array of corporate services that include mergers and acquisition knowledge, valuation services, financial advice to both private ,and public held institutions and entities. These services have propelled the company’s clients to success in the international market.

This investment-banking firm is dedicated to leadership, integrity, service, and excellence in offering business financial expert advice to its clients. In addition, the firm has committed itself to moving hand- in-hand with the customers by owning up the client’s objectives, and goals in every project or undertaking. This may include offering financial advice, help during ownership transfer, and increase in capital for merger and acquisition transactions.
Further, the firm focuses a significant amount of its resources to emerging markets, which it perceives as a key element in the worldwide success of its clients. Due to upholding its professional standards, the company has been able to win the trust and loyalty of its clients all over the world.
Nonetheless, Madison Street Capital managed to be among the top finalist for the 14th annual M&A Advisor Awards. Consequently, the award winners would be declared on 17 November at the New York Athletic Club. This came because of the firm’s effort in the acquisition of FabTrol Systems by AVEVA. Madison’s managing directors who include Jay Rodgers and Karl D’Cunha were among the team that led the deal.
FabTrol was previously the go-to firm in the area of fabrication management software. Therefore, this would help elevate AVEVA’s product service. Further, Madison Chief Executive Officer, Charles Botchway, was quoted as pleased with being acknowledged by other industrial experts for excellent service to its customers.


Your Investment Increases While You Hold It

The U.S. Money Reserve is a customer service oriented company whose main objective is to maintain up-to-date information on the precious metals market. Capturing this information on a minute-to-minute basis they are able to advise their customers on the benefits of owning precious metals issued by the U.S. Government in the form of Gold, Silver, and Platinum Coins. They are able to give their customers expert knowledge of the market, what precious metals would be the best investment for their portfolio at a particular time of investment. This team of senior experts created the U.S. Money Reserve and are entirely enveloped in the precious metals market. The coins they offer are graded gold, silver and platinum issued by the U.S. Government.

Why and When Should You Buy Gold? Opposites attract – The lower the US Dollar value, the higher the gold value. When the US Dollar dips in value, you understand the value of gold rises. Look at the history of the dollar and examine where the dollar was valued in the 80’s, then review what happened in the 90’s when the dollar suddenly declined and around 2006 when the dollar hit its lowest value since the 30’s Great Depression. The result of the decrease of the US dollar increased the value of gold over the last two decades. U.S. Gold Reserve monitors these fluctuations and, anticipations, and tracks the market’s gains and losses regularly adjusting expectations. When is the best time to purchase gold should be under the advice of the gold experts.

Who Should You Trust For Advice? Trust the senior gold experts. Trust experts who know the business and have a track record of making the right decisions. Thoroughly check out your source, reputation and customer service. Without the skills and background in the gold market, it is hard to measure a firm’s accuracy, experience and expertise.

The U.S. Money Reserve is AAA rated by the Business Consumer Alliance. Their headquarters was established in 2001 and the home office resides in Austin, TX.

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The company also has an arrangement that ensures money back guarantee. Purchase of certified coin is allowed return by the company within thirty days of purchase with a complete money refund. There is a chargeable fee, of course, of restocking for the return of certified coins that have passed the first thirty days of purchase. Certified coins that are returned after sixty days are liable to a lower pricing than the original one or the current market value.
The key to the U.S Money Reserve maintaining quality customer service is establishing a mutually beneficial and long-term relationship with their clients. This they do by issuing gold, silver and platinum coins that are backed by the United States government and produced by the U.S Mint. The coins are bullion, high quality and certified. For first time customers, there is professionalized staff that takes you through by offering resources and support that is required. The company guarantees a spectacular experience for first-time clients that choose to make business with U.S Money Reserve.

Why Brazil Proves To Be Best Place To Invest In The Next Half Of 2015

Investing is an intelligent way to create more value to current wealth, but it takes a big heart of patience and devotion to wait for years for stable returns. Getting reliable investments is another daunting task as it takes much time and effort to get the best one worth your endeavors. Brazil, the sixth largest country in terms of economy has proved to be the best for investors who want enormous returns in the long run. It is among the largest countries in the Southern Hemisphere and has a lot to be proud of. The county has it all, from natural resources, education, technology, finances to infrastructure.

Despite the recent compelling economic unrest and the military dictatorship, Brazil has survived and flourished. It is now among the world’s largest economies. In 1960 to 2011, the country’s GDP rose from $15 billion to more than $2 trillion and has striven to improve its economic stability, reduce foreign debt and increase foreign reserve. The country is prominent for its diverse natural resources: from its vast agricultural products that make it the largest exporter and importer to being the leading producer of ethanol and iron ore, not leaving behind its self-sufficiency in oil. The workforce is also impressive with an economically active population that represents 36% of Latin America rising to 92 million people as at 2007. The rapid change in innovation and technology is fascinating since it is a vital part of investment and the economy as a whole. Brazil is acknowledged as one of the biggest and most diversified technology, science and innovation system in Latin America. Infrastructure is also booming with ports, airports, railways and communications structures being under management of the Growth Acceleration Program of the Brazilian Government.

Apart from the natural resources and other factors that favor investment, one of the most appealing sectors is the Brazilian stock market. Outstanding investors are flocking the Brazilian stock market to purchase low-priced assets since the stock market hit the wall at 25% less its highs in 2011.

Among the vehement investors who have been taking keen interest is Zeca Oliveira whose full name goes as José Francisco dos Santos Oliveira, the president of the company Bridge Trust Administration. Mr. Zeca Oliveira expounded his interest in Brazil as an investment target due to the decollete asset prices. The investment fund manager understands the stock market well and has eyed the returns making him more interested in Brazil. Mr. Oliveira has incomparable years of experience in the investment sector, and he comprehensively understands what various types of investment will prosper.

Zeca Oliveira’s prowess dates back in May 2014 when he commenced activities with Bridge Trust Administration as its Manager. At that time, he was responsible for overseeing approximately R $ 900 million in funds under management but due to his competent dexterity in the field Zeca Oliveira as president is currently responsible for over R $ 2.5 billion in assets. Excellent investment experts like Zeca are the ones to rely on when investing in Brazil; he has the proficiency and knowledge to see through your growing investments.

Investing in Brazil Can be a Safe Bet

Just about a few years ago, the economy in Brazil suffered badly. The country indeed required strong foreign investment to fund some of its major construction projects such as railroad, seaport and airports. The country, in the end, managed to attract many investors with the possible business venture plans and lucrative investment options. After all, almost 20 percent of the total expenditure for the projects’ targeted funds was received from foreign investors. Brazil’s flourishing and diverse investment options now offer a multitude of investment plans for foreign and avid investors. Although the country still has a slow economic growth, President Dilma Rousseff has new plans in place to combat corruption and push Brazil to the acme of success.

Brazil is undoubtedly a culturally rich country. Every year, thousands of visitors come here to explore the country’s scenic coastline, historic landmarks and the most loved carnivals. Looking at the growth in the hospitality industry, it is true that Brazil is a worthy investment spot for foreign investors. After hosting the 2014 Soccer World Cup, the country is now gearing up to host another huge international sports event. In 2016, Brazil is hosting the Summer Olympics Game. Considering the net gain and profit primarily from the hospitality industry during the event, it is true that Brazil can be a great investment spot for potential investors. If property is what you want, then check out the low-pricey vacation rentals or lands in Brazil for your investment.

Brazil is also known for its natural resources. Compared to other Latin American countries, Brazil is blessed with a diverse array of natural resources. As consumer spending, retail sales, and consumer credits are most likely to increase in the upcoming years, the country will open up new opportunities for many potential investors. Amid slow economic growth, Brazil is still flourishing because of its ample potential. With the new rules in place and President Rousseff’s newest infrastructure development projects, the country will be friendlier for investors.

Leading Brazilian investors also support these speculations about future investment options here. Brazilian Investor Zeca Oliveira also states that the changes in infrastructure and future projects will make the investment options diverse and profitable for many international investors. The message is clear that when the country will have a better tangible infrastructure, the investment opportunities will grow with new viable investment projects managed by top private sector capital. As an investor, Zeca Oliveira also sees a brighter future for Brazilian investment with possible opulent revenues.