Securus Technologies Outsmarting Inmates and Keeping the Peace

Over the last few years in our state prison, the inmates have become quite good and exploiting loopholes and taking advantages in certain situations. Many of the times these inmates are looking for ways to either get drugs in the jail or hurt others inside this facility. Once the violence began to spill over towards officers, we knew we needed to change our approach and get back control before this very dangerous situation became a deadly one. This is why we reached out to Securus Technologies in an effort to get our facility back from the hands of the inmates.


One of the big issues me and my fellow officers have when trying to monitor inmate calls is that we need to designate a certain amount of my team to that call center, so our staff on the ground is that much smaller. Securus Technologies was about to change all that and actually make our job even easier. The Securus Technologies company developed a state-of-the-art jailhouse telephone monitoring system that is run by the LBS software, no longer requiring officers to have to manually listen to when the inmates are sitting on the phones.


Securus Technologies already has this same telephone monitor up and running on well over 2,499 jails around the country, and it has given officers a chance to fight crime on two fronts. The staff stays in tact as they deal with issues each day, and while they are on those front lines, the LBS software is scanning calls and alerting officers when crimes my be committed. To that point, if an inmate tells his family how to smuggle prescription drugs to the call center, we make sure that transfer never happens. The ability to get in front of crimes has helped us lessen violence throughout this facility.


Securus Technologies Background Information

Efforts of Securus Technologies in Transformation of the Lives of Inmates

Securus Technologies is a company that was founded by Rick Smith and handles the matters that are related to the inmates. The primary goals of the organization are to improve the conditions of the prisoners to make them feel part of the community. Smith is the CEO of the firm has put in place team of experts who are experienced in various field in driving the agenda of the inmates. The achievement of the organization has been express in different parts of the globe serving in almost 45 states at the moment. The central area that Securus Technologies has put in much effort in the parole tracing system and collaboration with the government in the provision of the information that is seen to much need to push the lives of the prisoners on the check. The firm has opened several branches in different states that are managed centrally in the head office. Currently, the assets of the organization read $2600 and all this is linked to the proper leadership of the Rick Smith. Government and the laws enforcement bodies work have been made easier by the firm through the services from Securus Technologies. Additionally, the organization has also extended its hands in monitoring the moves of the various rehabilitation centers.

Securus Technologies through its team of experts has stationed their facilities to support many correctional organizations. Additionally, through the experienced staff, the firm has integrated Wireless Containment Solution in their system to replace the contraband cell phone through their innovative skills. This has put the flow of the communication at the best level for the efficient work in the prison sector. Rick Smith’s management as the CEO of the organization has been lauded in many states with his effort of transforming the lives of the inmates and enabling connection with their relatives through the system of Securus Technologies.

Securus Technologies has placed the conditions of the inmates at advantage locus in the society through the innovative changes in the prison sector.

Securus Technologies Keeping Clients More than Just Safe; Happy Too

Securus Technologies is a company that is on the frontline in using technology in a way that impacts the community positively. Through the use of innovative technology, the company helps to enhance civil and criminal justice, increase public safety, improve investigations, as well boost monitoring. Securus Technologies is a company that is committed to top class customer experience; this is clearly evident in the way their certified users review their services and products.

According to chairman and the CEO of Securus Technologies Richard Smith, the company ensure that they come up with a product to help law enforcement and corrections every week. Their dedication is what makes their clients so grateful to them and send their regards via emails.

In a recent post on PR Newswire, Securus released some of the emails that they received from clients expressing their gratitude. The Securus’ list of clients is made up of inmates, law officials, inmates’ family and also the general public. Most of the emails were descriptive explaining how efficient the products from Securus had helped, in some cases, some corrupt individuals ended up arrested due to this products. Their services also help officers of the law to garner evidence that would be essential in the solving cases.

Securus Technologies is based in Dallas Texas and is confident in their services; they have invited their competitors and other facilities to their headquarters for a representation of their services. This outstanding company is reputed to have served over 1.2 million inmates in the United States, maintain a stunningly impressive track record.



Richard A. Smith Makes Securus Technologies a Leading Distributor of Security Devices

The name Richard A. Smith or only Rick readily pops into the mind of anybody who thinks of Securus Technologies. The company is now a prominent supplier and distributor of innovative technological solutions for monitoring and investigating crimes than all jails in America use largely due to the skillful administrative qualities of Mr. Smith. He has introduced several innovations and technical solutions from the time he became the CEO of the company. The rapidly growing base of customers and the initiation of advanced programs for associate sales and the marketing of new solutions are some of the changes that are linked to his capable leadership.

The recent achievement he made for Securus was the inclusion of an experienced sale executive called John Bell who will help to revamp the sales department by capturing and luring more clients. Mr. Rick has worked tirelessly to ensure that the company becomes a stable organization by investing in modern technologies and building skilled teams of workers. Under his leadership, secures Technologies weekly releases and produces new proposals for service and product development. By helping to investigate and solve crimes before they take place, Securus has significantly assisted law enforcers to carry out their duties. This has led to improved safety for the public and established security guarantees as for the DNA of the organization. Read more about Rick on

He has served many companies dealing with telecommunications for such a long time, and wherever he has worked, Rick has left a legacy of excellent performance. He started operating in 1972 as the Vice President for Midwest Telephone Operations before moving on to hold other top executive roles as Vice President of Financial Management at Frontier Corp, Chief Information Officer, and Network Plant Operations Director, the Director of Business Development, President of Frontier Information Technologies, and between 2000 and 2003 he worked as the President of Eschelon Telecom Inc.

Rick Smith academic credentials are exceptional starting with Rochester Institute of Technology where he is an alumnus, and from where he obtained an Associate Degree in Applied Sciences in Electrical Engineering. At the Buffalo College of the University of New York, he also acquired a similar degree in Applied Sciences. It is the qualifications he has, and the hard work he has demonstrated all along that have made him be the Director of Securus in 2008, followed by being a chairman, and finally becoming the Chief Executive Officer. Perhaps the MBA he acquired from the New York State University’s Brockport College and the Simon School of the University OF Rochester are the factors that have made him such a competent administrator. At the helm of Securus Technologies, the company is experience accelerated expansion and growth with a client base that is growing larger and larger according to Wikipedia.

How We Used Securus Technologies to Arrest One Of Our Own

I work in a very dangerous and overcrowded jail as a corrections officer, and each day I put my life on the line. These inmates are always looking for ways to stay one step ahead of the law, and if they can get their hands on drugs or weapons, then that can be a real game-changer. To try and make the jail as safe a place for me and my coworkers, the visitors, as well as inmates, I need to be able to stop the flow of contraband into the jail.


We start each day by taking the time to physically inspect each person coming into the jails. They are run through a machine that picks up on anything they should not be carrying, yet the flow of drugs seemed to be getting worse in the jail. We even take time each day to do surprise cell inspections, and although we do uncover weapons and drugs, it is barely enough to slow down the problem.


Knowing e had a real problem on our hands, my team was instructed to learn the LBS software for the latest inmate phone system that was installed by Securus Technologies. This new call system would allow us to listen to the inmates on the phone like never before. Not only could we pick up on specific chatter concerning drugs and weapons, it revealed some very disturbing information.


One day, a high-ranking gang member was overheard on the inmate call system talking about low-level street gang soldiers bringing drugs to the jail, but making certain they went through and saw a certain corrections officer. What we discovered was this corrupt staff member was turning a blind-eye to certain visitors, and the flow of drugs was because of his failure to uphold the law. Thanks to Securus Technologies, this individual was taken down and serving his own sentence.


Securus Technologies Takes Home Coveted Award

This March 2017, Securus Technologies won a top honor in customer service. The Stevie Awards are in their eleventh year of operation and are awarded yearly to customer service related companies who excel in over 60 categories. There are gold, silver, and bronze awards given for each category by judges who have many years experience in the customer service industry.


Securus took home a Gold Stevie Award from the category “Best Customer Service Training Department“. Senior Vice President of Operations, Danny De Hoyos, was gratified that the customer service staff’s hard work has been paying off. Securus has been working hard to constantly evaluate and improve training for their customer service call center.


One of the biggest training changes is that staff are taught how to empathize with customer complaints and issues, and then take an active approach to solving the issues in the same phone call. De Hoyos stated that customer satisfaction and “first call” resolution rates are at their all time highest.


Securus Technologies are based in Dallas, Texas, but currently oversee safety and security for over 3400 public and corrections facilities and 1,200,000 inmates. Securus specializes in: emergency response, incident management, biometric analysis, information management, investigation, and inmate self service.


To read more about the Stevie Awards and to see the acceptance speech for the Securus’ Gold Stevie Award, please click here.


Securus Corrects Inaccuracies In GTL Press Release

According to a PRNewswire press release, Securus Technologies, a major provider of civil and criminal justice technology services for investigation, monitoring, corrections, and public safety, recently announced numerous corrections to a 2016 press release from GTL.


Securus Technologies, is based out of Dallas, Texas, reported that the GTL release included a number of different statements that they said are inaccurate and misleading. Securus put out a specific press release in order to clarify and correct any misconceptions caused by numerous incorrect claims made by GTL.


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Securus Technologies, Richard A. (“Rick”) Smith, told the press: “GTL is well aware of the fact that patent litigation often takes multiple years and costs millions of dollars to pursue. As a result, we certainly question whether the ‘scorched earth; litigation approach being pursued by GTL now makes any sense at all in terms of the best interests of their company, or good financial practices – but we will continue to both defend ourselves from their attacks while asserting our own patents in response, and will do so as long as necessary in response to GTL’s current approach – one that in our view lacks logic given the unquestionable superiority of Securus’ technology and our far more extensive patent portfolio.”


Regarding GTL’s most recent press release Smith offered: “I would be happy to reinstitute my technology bake-off challenge with GTL most anytime. I have offered it many times, and it makes a lot more sense than what GTL is doing now, but it is most telling that while issuing multiple press releases, which,” he added, “are usually in need of multiple corrections, GTL remains totally silent in response to my technology challenge.”Securus currently serves over 3,450 corrections, law enforcement and public safety agencies and more than 1,200,000 inmates across North America.


Big Downloads Show New Market for Securus

The greater public may have endless options when it comes to satisfying their technological needs. But when it comes to governing bodies, including those in law enforcement and corrections, they have to limit their options to specialized companies who can meet their needs, and the leading company in this market is Securus Technologies. Their service to correctional facilities and police doesn’t inhibit Securus from dealing with the general public, and it’s with the average consumer that they’ve seen a big increase in downloads which could shape the company’s business going forward.

Though relatively new to correctional facilities, Video Visit has been available to the general public for download for about the past six months. Though Apple’s App Store, the Video Visit app has been downloaded more than 5,000 times. App marketplaces for Android devices have surpassed those impressive numbers with more than 60,000 downloads since its release.

Russel Roberts, Securus Technologies’ Vice President of Marketing and Strategy, Video Visitation was designed with the adaptability of communication through the Internet in mind. With this app, civilian users are allowed to conference with inmates serving a sentence with ease, both bringing the company to the forefront of a larger consumer base and providing a service to their clients in the world of corrections. 

Through Video Visit, users can maintain regular inmate communication through several iOS powered devices or any number of platform running on Android’s operating system. Relying on mobile devices was a prudent decision that places convenience on the side of the user while doing away with the conventions of visitation with inmates, taking the conversation away from traditional computers and opening the possibility to communicate virtually anywhere. This app also allows users to determine just how and when they’ll communicate by syncing with other apps, choosing connection preferences between traditional connections or Wi-Fi.

By providing choice to the user, Securus has effectively removed the constraints of traditional visits while opening up their company to a more diverse marketplace than in the past.

Securus operates out of Dallas, Texas, where they provide technological solutions to more then 3,400 correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies in North America, making them a crucial factor in the housing and policing of 1.2 million inmates.

Partnering with Securus has allowed these facilities to engages in seamless communication with one another, bettering their emergency responses, conduct investigations using biometric solutions, and reach out to the public with safety information that ensures a secure environment near these correctional facilities.

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