George Soros: Redefining Democracy and Governance



The George Soros name and brand dominates both business and social circles the world. The man is vocal on topics of governance, freedom and human rights. He took up activism and social action having to hang his boots on an illustrious entrepreneurship career.


George believes in service to the people and most of his lectures anchor democracy. According to Soros, it means the partnership between the ruling elite and the citizens in problem solving and development. In a democracy, the people, their interests, freedoms, and rights take center stage.


Democracy as we know it operates on the rule of law as well as responsibility and accountability. The majority of the population have their way while the minority have their say. George Soros’ application of democracy in the international system features the contribution of all nations to solving common problems. For his massive contribution to the international community, he has been awarded and honored on many occasions. These awards include an honorary degree from Oxford University.


In Soros’ world, corrupt governments and the injustices they propagate around the world must be condemned. For instance, he recently offered long-term solutions to solve the Syrian refugee crisis and the Russian-Ukraine standoff. In his assessment, the union has lost past glory and functionality. The current humanitarian crisis sees an influx of Syrian asylum seekers into a hostile region. The European Union members have lacked a common strategy to solve the crisis that has led to the worsening of the situation.


In other resource-rich parts of the world, Soros indicates the tendency by warlords and unscrupulous business people to cause chaos, war, and conflict. The resulting terror sees locals flee, and the mongers of the conflict take advantage of the anarchy for profit. George Soros retired from financial investments and administration two decades ago.


George Soros has been described as a great thinker. Growing up in conflict and war, Soros and his peers had a rough childhood. In school, George Soros, and age mates received the best education. The system wanted to create thinkers and problem solvers, and, therefore, high quality education was offered. His career path led him to the hedge fund administration sector becoming a prominent entrepreneur in London and New York.


George’s style of investing charmed his associates and clients. He could anticipate monetary patterns and trade with securities and coinage in respective money markets. Despite the unpredictability of financial markets, he achieved his success through comprehension of the basic investment practices of the population.


George went into retirement a billionaire. His partners and clients also made huge profits in their time dealing with Soros. Since then, the Soros hedge fund has rebranded to the Quantum Fund. George’s resources are dedicated to philanthropy. He supports the establishment of democracies through the Open Society Foundations all over the world. The societies have massive influence in over 100 nations globally.


The lifetime works of George Soros make him an influential man on many platforms. The philosophical ideas he has taught us will inspire generations to come.