Handy Is The Best Application Of Its Kind

Cleaning is never fun, or even remotely enjoyable. Nobody likes to live in filth, with the exception of hoarders, but some homeowners simply do not have the time to clean their home and deal with all of the obligations needed to be tended to. Many people in the United States take care of children, and everybody knows just how messy kids can be, even if they are teenagers.

There is a new app that provides an extensive listing of people around users that need their homes cleaned that is called Handy. Handy truly is a handy app — pun intended — because it is simple to use, secure, and easy to pay cleaners for their services. Not just everybody can list their home cleaning services on handy. It takes a certain type of person that is mature, reputable, and honest. Less than five percent of people who apply to Handy get accepted.

Handy was founded nearly four years ago by Mr. Oisin Hanrahan and Mr. Umang Dua. Mr. Hanrahan compares his app to Uber because people are able to list services that are only able to be viewed by nearby users. Just like Uber, Handy is very reputable as well.

Handy was not cheap to start, at all. Oisin and Umang had to obtain about $12,000,000 in funding from two large investment firms. Today, Handy has listings in more than twenty cities in the United States and a few international listings. There would be more listings in many other cities, but it takes a lot of upkeep on behalf of Handy to ensure quality of home cleaning services and reputability of contractors.

Handy is a very popular app. The founders have released information that there is more than one million dollars worth of services that are agreed upon by home cleaners and homeowners every week. This is a lot because the average amount of money that a home cleaner charges is eighteen dollars per hour. Twenty percent of this goes to Handy as a fee for listing services. One of the main reasons that people use this app so often is because of the close monitoring that is performed by representatives on behalf of the company. Having an overall sense of reputability is important for the reliability of Handy. This results in great word of mouth that is consistently being spread about Handy.

Handy is actually free for both cleaners and homeowners in need of cleaning services to be performed. The only money that is taken out of the deals is on behalf of the cleaners themselves, which makes it a very consumer-oriented company. Handy can be downloaded on any app store for free no matter if someone is in one of the cities it operates in or not.