The Challenge Of Making And Then Giving Away Billions

George And The Many Soros To His Name

George is a world renown financial success. The level of financial success under George Soros shouldn’t be misunderstood however. There are many challenging “sorrows” that come with this man’s legacy. From the start, George envisioned himself living a better life. He saw this as necessary but also a distant reality.

A recent donation by this financial professional is a clear example of the motivation that George Soros lives by and with. He gave this money to the Open Society Foundations and during a time when he’s making many other enormous moves in the world of finance. There’s a larger plan forming on the horizon.

Getting rid of many stocks and donating $18 billion are all part of a larger transition in the hands of George Soros. His past sorrows are what inspires his actions today. It was the infiltration of Nazi armies into Hungary that forced George Soros to create the picture he really wanted out of life. The opposing power in his life led him to a different direction. This was all in spite of the fact that George Soros had nowhere to go. He was stranded as a refugee and needed liberation fast.

A Family In Mind

What led George into better opportunities was an exodus he and his family would undergo. From Hungary, George escaped into the United Kingdom where he found refuge and a few more challenges presented by life. London is also where George Soros found a financial option that aided him in the success we know of today.

The London School of Economics gave Mr. Soros an initial platform toward success. What he learned about the world of finance changed his life and led him to commit to a strategy that would make him beyond what we know as rich. That strategy was to trade in the currency and fiat markets. The events of World War II taught George about the interconnectivity of all economies. It taught him that one world event could influence many nations and their economic place.

The Failure That Came First

The first steps of success for George Soros were failures however. Mr. Soros achieved his stance today from enduring a history of failure. The sources of inspiration that he found were through mentors along the way. The idea of Mr. Soros’ success being heavily reliant on others is a story we often don’t hear.

The reality, however, is that the financial world is accessed at the highest level by first finding with who and where the knowledge is. He understood that his school education would always be limited no matter what he learned or how inspired he was. It was failure that laid a framework for the success that stands clear today.

The end result is $18 billion given in charity.