Autism Rocks Foundation New Additions to the Board of Governors

The autism rocks charity foundation has acquired two minds in Will and Pete Best. The two brothers will join the organization as members of the board of trustees. Sanjay Shah the man behind the organization has known the brothers for a long time and is convinced that there experience will proof invaluable to the organization.

Autism rocks is a charity foundation that aims to create awareness and raise funds for autism research. The foundation is one of a kind as it invites musicians to perform in order to raise funds. The other distinction is that it is an invite only concert. Will and Pete will have various responsibilities at the organization such as managing the music concerts. Pete has vast experience in the financial sector spinning for over 20 years. Before joining the organization he was Chief Operating Officer at Icap a brokerage firm that is located in London. Will on the other hand is well versed with the entertainment sector and has a particular interest in music. Mr Shah stated the combined experience of the two brothers will propel the organization to greater heights. The original unrecaped article was run through PR Newswire.

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Most people are not aware about autism and its adverse effects on children. Autism Rocks foundation has devoted resources so as to root out the disease. Sanjay Shah is directly affected by the disease since one of his children was diagnosed with autism. The foundation has reached out to various players in the music industry to raise funds through music.