Rocketship Education in California

Public education is vital part the nation that is developing. With knowledge, citizens can perform well in their lives and contribute to growth and development of their countries and the world. However, many disadvantaged regions in California do not have access to education. To curb the problem, there is a platform of Rocketship education in California that was founded by John Danner and Preston Smith. Rocketship education program is a chain of 18 public charter schools that enroll learners for free. It is a non-profit organization intended to benefit low-income areas, where there limited chances of accessing the best school. The program has been operating for ten years. For the last ten years of the organization experience, the CEO of Rocketship education, Preston Smith has learned the following lessons, of how to make the program to be more efficient.


  1. Teachers should visit the homes of learners, specifically in situations where schools offer individual learning plans. The Rocketship education integrates technology into academic work, though not throughout the days at school. Therefore, the technological systems have a special software to tutor lessons to students on the individual foundation. However, according to Smith, personalized education is more than the use of technology. It is all about understanding the unique challenge and interests of every learner at home. Therefore the idea of teachers visiting learners at their home is an essential component of Rocketship education.


  1. Parents are supposed to give feedback every month, about their children’s learning experiences at school, specifically about their tutor. The feedback will help the instructor to improve on their areas of weakness, thus enhancing their services. Parents should organize, engage and demand high-quality education.


  1. Integration of students will not create culturally responsive schools, but teacher’s will. Lately, a lot of gossips has been circulating about charter schools and segregation. Parents selecting school by the best interest of their children is a far cry from the state deterring learners from accessing a school by race. Rocketship education accommodates all children in their schools, irrespective of race, social class, or ethnicity. The Rocketship education values diversity, though they don’t consider students of color should leave their society to attend excellent schools. There is a need for ensuring the students experience the benefits of teacher diversity.


  1. Teachers and administrators should always consider the opinions of the outsiders. Even though they are not required to contrivance the wishes of independents parties, they should balance their in perception heavily.

Therefore, it is right to say that Rocketship education in California plays an integral part in enhancing the education system of marginalized regions.