QNET Empowers Women To Succeed

Today’s woman wants more in her life than just caring for her husband and children. She wants to work and provide income to the household and continue to love and raise her family. One option for women to realize their potential is to become an entrepreneur, being their own boss and controlling their own destiny.

In association with the observance of International Women’s Day, Asian direct-selling organization QNET is providing an opportunity for women entrepreneurs to be successful. Becoming an entrepreneur allows women to enhance their personal and family lifestyle, and be an influential force in their community and social circle of family and friends.

USAID, a government agency in the United States stated in a published report that if women are to make an impact in the 21st century, society must invest in them. Women must have access to first-rate health and medical care. They must be able to advance through the education system and be exposed to contemporary technology. Women must take a proactive role in business, politics and their communities and nations.

QNET is the worldwide leader in direct selling e-commerce platforms. It empowers individuals to be successful entrepreneurs promoting a broad line of products suited to enhance an individual’s lifestyle. Created in 1998, Hong Kong-based QNET uses a proprietary direct selling framework. QNET offers consumers name brand merchandise and luxury items, through its independent distributor network. They are active members of the Direct Selling Association’s of the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia.

They take an active role in humanitarian causes through Lions Club International. Their generous donations and collaborative efforts help build medical facilities, those in need, and fosters goodwill in local communities.

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