Lauren Conrad Shows New Yorkers How To Throw A Party

Party planner Lauren Conrad has all the rules to make your party a stress-free and awesome event. The former highly-successful fashion model has written 8 New York Times best-sellers on lifestyles and event planning. Having already established millions of followers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, Lauren wants to give fans something a bit more personal.

In a few weeks, Lauren plans to launch her online venture “The Little Market” and Celebrate, her latest book.

She is already being compared to Martha Stewart in some circles. The comparison comes with some very big shoes to fill. Lauren says her only goal is to offer tips to make hosts and hostesses happy.

“People need to quit trying to attain perfection. That is their first mistake,” according to Lauren.

People should be at ease. She extends that advise to her husband, William, who also helps her throw parties. “He can be a bit of a perfectionist sometimes,” said Lauren. “I try to let him know that its all about compromise and doing what makes you feel comfortable.”

Party fans interested in learning more about throwing a stress-free party or putting together a repertoire of killer recipes can check her out in the next issue of Redbook.

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