Get to know Eric Lefkofsky

There is a cure for cancer, it is just taking a much longer process to find. Many people out there continue to search for the cure, in hopes for a better tomorrow.Eric Lefkofsky, the founder of Groupon, is now part of Tempus, “a health tech start-up” that can modernize cancer treatments for patients. Tempus is helping doctors with their research to find the exact formulation for a patient’s condition. For this research practice, Lefkofsky has created a charity fund called Lefkofsky’s Family Foundation. He has donated over billions of dollars to this cause so that universities and researchers are able to find the solution. Overall, with continuous research, doctors will be able to prescribe the most accurate medicine for their patient’s condition.

His education has exceeded expectations for his credibility. He has acquired degrees and references from the University of Michigan and Doctor of Jurisprudence. The University of Michigan is a 200-year-old traditional college which excels their students in medicine, research, and even sports. There are so many historical moments that have happened at the University of Michigan. For example, Thomas Francis Jr. had founded a “safe, effective, and potent” polio vaccine for those suffering from the disease. In addition, it was one of the most peaceful acts of helping patients of more than 325,000 doctors volunteering. It was a successful outcome which had the country celebrating the great news. With that said, Eric Lefkofsky is coming from a credible school of over 200 years of excellence with history records to prove it. You can also follow him on twitter :

With Lefkofsky’s dedicated staff and recent billionaire investors, he is helping trillions of people around the world with Tempus. He is making a better tomorrow for the sick people who need all the help they can get. His education and business background show his worth but his generosity proves that he is here to help people. His foundation is located in Chicago and it is definitely possible to call and learn more.If we as people keep holding onto hope that we can have a better tomorrow, then we can make curing cancer possible.

Using Technology To Improve The Health Sector

Using Technology To Improve The Health Sector

Technology is a tool that has made it easier and fast for people to access results in different industries. It has advanced the health industry by promoting healthy lifestyles. People can now access results easily and quickly. The health sector has developed with the rise of technological devices that are solutions to some of the health challenges. Cancer is a health issue to many people in society. It is expensive to treat. Different technological advances have facilitated the treatment of cancer by the tools that have been developed. Tempus is a technological company that has provided operating systems that battle cancer.

Tempus has developed various solutions by applying its peculiar operating system to help facilitate research on cancer developments and cancer patients. Tempus recently enabled Uchicago to battle breast cancer. This technological start-up will allow Uchicago to provide better health care services and improve results that victims get from the facility.

Eric Lefkofsky is the developer of Tempus. He is a technological entrepreneur who enables the use of technology to improve the lives of people in the society. His company has developed a solution in the health industry. This is an indicator that innovation drives the company. The innovativeness of the enterprise is a competitive advantage. This key feature has enabled the society to achieve better conditions. A good example is the cancer menace that most people are facing in the community. The company is collaborating with different companies such as Comprehensive Cancer Centre for Northwestern University, the Mayo Clinic, and Penn Medicine amongst other stakeholders. This shows that the company is not set to make profits. It is set to generate solutions serious issues in the society. This will enable the enterprise to grow and develop many solutions to the health industry.



How Eric Pulier has Encouraged Growth of Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy

Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur whose works have contributed largely to the growth of business and entrepreneurship. He is a technologist and a published author whose works have helped many young and upcoming entrepreneurs to locate their way around business and entrepreneurship. Eric also comes out as a prolific public speaker with a great resume for delivering speeches on key issues in the world of business and social life.

Among the ventures he has co-founded and founded are Media Platform, Desktone and US Interactive, which have been offering support to young and upcoming entrepreneurs. Eric Pulier has invested big into charitable organizations and most of the technological projects he has completed have been directed at offering support to charity work. He is a passionate giver and most of his time is spent offering support to those who are in need and the marginalized.

Education and early life

Born in Teaneck, New Jersey, Eric Pulier started programming computers at an early age while he was in fourth grade. At the time he joined high school, Eric had created a computer database company. When he proceeded to the Harvard University, Eric Pulier selected English and American Literature as his core subject. He at the same time pursued Computer Science at MIT College.

While at the Harvard University, Eric Pulier contributed articles to The Harvard Crimson, a magazine produced for the campus, and most of his articles were focused on entrepreneurship and business. Through dedication and passion, he completed both courses in 1988 and emerged with high honors.


Having completed campus, Eric Pulier began pursuing business and projects that would add value to the community. He moved to Los Angeles three years after graduating and launched his first project, People Doing Things, which is a company that specialized on offering information on the progress of different sectors of the government like healthcare and education.


Eric Pulier has also authored several books and journals addressing issues in different sectors. One of his popular publications, Understanding Enterprise SOA, which was released in 2005, offers entrepreneurs invaluable information that seeks to show the interdependencies that exist between technology and businesses using real life examples.

Keith Mann Excels in Philanthropy and Entrepreneurship

Keith Mann is the founder and Managing Director of Dynamics Search Partners. Dynamics Search Partners is a hedge fund service that is committed to sourcing the finest of talents for the hedge fund industries. The company also provides alternative hedge fund services and is dedicated to finding individuals with excellent talent and skills that fit the requirements that the hedge fund world wants. Keith’s company is distinguished as one of the leading agencies in the hedge fund business. Dynamics Search Partners provides staffing requirements to outstanding equity firms and operates from New York, New York.

More about Dynamics Search Partners
Dynamics Search Partners has been in operation for 15 years. Keith Mann founded the company in 2001 when. The company has accommodated more than 2000 district client requests with Mann at the helm, and he has expanded their services considerably. The company is quite prominent and esteemed in the hedge fund services industry because of its good reputation as one of the largest and most dependable investment executive databases. Mann joined Dynamics Associates in 1995 and served in the capacity of alternative investments department manager. He is credited with finding alternative financing options for the company and moved up the ranks very fast and became the Senior Vice President of the enterprise.

Keith Mann the Philanthropist
Mann is a philanthropist and always finds the time and the resources to provide assistance to various organizations. Keith Mann is also responsible for setting up various charity events with the most significant being the mixer for the Hope & Heroes Children’s Cancer Fund in 2008 that raised $8000. His company also entered into a partnership with Uncommon Schools with the objective of assisting low-income children to prepare for higher education. This partnership started in the fall of 2013 and saw Mann’s company provide assistance to the tune of $10,000 in the same year. Mann’s company has a track record of more than ten years in which they have successfully paired clients with the excellent industry talents. Mann is married and has children with his wife, Keely Mann.