The Many Achievements of Brian Mulligan


People get to know Brian Mulligan in various ways. Currently, he is the Chief Executive Officer of Brooknol Advisers. He is also known to write a lot about sports, specializing more on football and cricket. He is a known philanthropist, and his charity work has helped raise a substantial amount of money for various charities. In his long career that spans more than 30 years, he has been deeply involved in the entertainment industry. He has served in top positions in various companies like the Universal Pictures, Media/Telecom that is owned by Money Center Bank, Fox Broadcasting and Cable, and many others. In his career, he has overseen more than $175 Billion being transacted.

He has achieved a lot academically. It is at the University of South Carolina where he begun his education, and he went on to achieve a degree in Business Administration. He later went on to finalize his master’s education from the University of California. Upon completing his education, he became a co-founder of Entertainment Practice Unit. Through his guidance and supervision, the firm grew to become an SVP at MCA INC, which by then was the third largest media company. He later moved to the Universal Studios where he held various positions like the COO, CFP, EVP, a co-chairman, and finally the CEO.

Brian Mulligan was part of a team that Napster brought to the universe. As a board member of the 04-08, he served as the head of the governance from the sale to the Best Buy period. During the late 2000, he was able to serve in several other leadership positions at Spyglass Partners, Ascent Capital Group, and The Money Center Bank where he was able to assist the firms reach great heights of growth that they had not experienced before. It is during this time that he founded the Brooknol Advisers, a firm where he still serves as the CEO to date.

Brooknol Advisers is purely an entertainment industry that specializes in advising and investing in the entertainment sector and sports. Brian still writes a blog on the site, and he also serves as a member of Tech Coast Angels. Tech Coast Angels is at present the largest group of Angel doing investment in the entire United States. Brian Mulligan was once categorized as one of the most 50 influential individuals in Hollywood. His good work while working for Fields of Green, which works in close partnership with USA Today Sports, is something that makes him feel attached to the sports world.