Sanjay Shah and His Solo Capital Company

Sanjay Shah is the head of Solo Capital. This is a financial boutique that works with clients all around the world in order to help them reach their financial goals. Beyond this though, he has done much more and made a name for himself in other methods outside of the business world. One of his lasting legacies, and one that is sure to be around for decades to come, is focused on helping individuals and families who have a loved one dealing with autism. While there is some known about autism, there is a surprising amount of information that is not known. Due to this, it is necessary for people to take a look at what Solo Capital and Sanjay Shah has been doing over the last several years and how it is destined to help millions of people around the world.

Sanjay, like many other people around the world, has a child who suffers from autism. This is a condition doctors and medical scientists simply do not understand in terms of where it comes from and how it originates. It is not something that is detected initially upon birth and often times it is something that is identified several months down the road. Once a doctor discovers an individual does suffer from autism, they often need additional education and assistance. Now, this does not mean a child is not able to accomplish many of their life goals. It simply requires specific attention and the ability to have a support team around the child in order to receive the necessary attention required. However, the problem with this is not very many parents have the financial capability of doing this for the child.

This is where Solo Capital and Sanjay Shah come into play. As someone who has a child who suffers from autism, Sanjay understands exactly what parents are going through. That is why he has created a non profit organization, with the help of solo Capital, known as “Autism Rocks.” So what is this program and what is it able to do for children around the world? It is designed to raise money in order to help in a few different ways. First, the money is going to go towards autism awareness. This way, it can educate those who do not know about the condition and give parents the ability to provide for their children. The money is also going to go into helping sponsor children around the world who do not have the financial means to do so. All of this should help children near and far.

This program is just one way Solo Capital and Sanjay Shah are giving back to the community in every corner of the globe.

What’s Rock Got To Do With It?

Autism Rocks, a charity to fund research and support for autism, was founded by Sanjay Shah. A hedge fund manager who is semi-retired, Shah wanted to help the children and the families affected by autism. For Sanjay Shah, this topic hits very close to home. His youngest son was diagnosed with autism at the age of two.

His idea, Autism Rocks, was born out of an accidental meeting with mega rapper Snoop Dog, who was traveling to Dubai for a concert. From here, Shah’s idea took flight. Dubai is an ideal place for jet setters to connect to other flights, so it was a perfect way to connect with music’s elite as they traveled to other parts. So far Autism Rocks has put on charity shows headlining with Prince, Lenny Kravitz, and Elvis Costella with more in the works. All proceeds help fund the Autism Research Center (ARC) and the Autism Research Trust (ART). These organizations work to understand what causes autism and it’s effects.

Sanjay Shah worked for over twenty years in the banking industry at Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, and Rabobank. He suddenly found himself, after all those years, unemployed. He then use his experience and knowledge of the world of finance, and began his won investment management company called Solo Capital. Since its beginning, Solo Capital has grown and expanded into over 100 offices in Dubai and London. It has also made Sanjay Shah a multimillionaire. This has allowed him to devote more time to other ventures such as Autism Rocks. It has also allowed him the opportunity to help financially as well.

With the funding from large investors, ART and ARC can conduct research and help families dealing with autism. Research shows that great strides have been made in the last couple of years. This gives children and their families hope for the future.

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Support ALF Activist Keith Mann

Keith Mann has cared about animals and has been an animal activist ever since he was a little boy. He grew up on a dairy farm, and his experiences there particularly the pain and suffering that he witnessed the cows go through, made him question the way humans treat animals and want to protect them. His concern for animals grew as he got older, and by 1972, he had started liberating animals. The first animal he liberating was a bunny rabbit that was being neglected by its owners. 

Before long Mann was making waves and had become involved in the animal liberation front, even going so far as to be arrested several times in his efforts to help animals. He was arrested in 1991 for conspiring to set chicken crates on fire in an attempt to help chickens and gain attention to their plight. He ended up spending 11 years in jail and stayed true to his convictions the entire time refusing to eat anything made from animal products. In 2008, he ran for Parliment in Britain as a member of the Animal Welfare Protection ticket, further gaining support for his cause. 

But in 2013, Mann was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma, which is a serious cancer that has no known cure. Because of his convictions he has refused conventional treatment because these treatments pose potential harm to animals. Instead, he is using Gerson Therapy, a more difficult and costly treatment that is not covered by conventional insurance because of it’s experimental nature.

You can read more about this story on Buzzfeed where it was first reported. You can also follow him on Twitter or buy something from his auction page.