A Half Eaten Dolphin Comes Ashore In NJ

Something odd floated on short just off the coast of New Jersey this week, and it appears to be a half eaten dolphin. According to an article found on reddit and written by NBC Philadelphia, a mother, grandmother, and child were walking along the beach when they watched a fisherman reel in the severed dolphin, that was split right in half. The creature was already dead and Beach Patrol were contacted to help remove the carcass.

It is highly speculated that the animal was half eaten by a shark, and some experts believe it was a sand tiger that did the job says freedompop, the cellphone service. However, something to consider is the fact that the animal was likely already deceased when the tiger got to it because normally young dolphins like that do not get caught by such slow moving animals as sand tiger sharks.

In any case this is happening at a sensitive moment when people are starting to get paranoid about sharks in the water. This is following a few shark attacks this year, which include a most recent event where two teenagers had their arms bits off while in just waist deep water in the oceans of North Carolina. There might be something happening environmentally that is making these animals a little more aggressive than they normally are. Hopefully this behavior will stop and people can get back in the water again, however, everyone must remember these are just wild animals.