Dog Food Is Becoming Healthier than Ever

The past decade has seen a huge shift in how people look at food. Convenience was king for quite some time. People were willing to accept a large decrease in the overall quality of food if it meant that meals could become faster to prepare and more portable. But as the years went by people began to see just how much of a toll it could take on one’s health. This created a big shift toward the idea of eating fresher and healthier food. But, as the Daily Herald recently reported, this has begun to enter into the world of dog food as well. The article went on to explain that people are trying to replicate the healthy meals they enjoy, but on their dogs plate. For example, one company is working on a “he’ll have what you’re having” campaign to go along with a line of meals flavored to resemble human dishes. But while this is somewhat new to the public, some dog food companies were actually founded on the idea of high quality natural ingredients. One of the most important is a high quality dog food brand called Beneful. What’s made Beneful such a trend setter in the realm of healthy dog food is an early decision to use fresh ingredients. Most dog foods to that point and even to this day make heavy use of artificial flavors. But right from the start Purina‘s Beneful decided that if they wanted a dog food to taste like beef, than the best way to do so would be to use actual beef. The same holds true of chicken, vegetables, and all of their flavors. It’s easy to see just how well Beneful’s been able to accomplish their stated mission. Whether it’s wet or dry dog food, the ingredients in this high quality dog food brand are easy to see. All of the ingredients are on display when one opens up a bag of the dog food. And that doesn’t just translate to taste. The fact that natural ingredients are used also means that Beneful’s dog food has all of the original vitamins and minerals.