Dan Newlin’s Brand Strategy

For most people, the hashtag is intended for amusement and to share various ideas on Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook. Occasionally hashtags are used just to make a Tweet sound silly. Dynamic attorney Dan Newlin‘s has now implemented the eccentric squared sign (also known as the pound sign #) with senseless aiming bulges into his law practice.

Realizing the difficulty of the human’s ability to memorize phone numbers, Newlin decided to make it easier to reach his law practice by simply dialing #Dan, rather than the old-school 10 digit phone number. By incorporating the hashtag into his business, he effectively used new technology as an effective brand strategy.

Never one to take a break, Newlin recently opened the Law Offices of Dan Newlin in Chicago, in addition to his law practice which has served the Central and South Florida regions for many years. Obviously since his service area is enormous, he desired a way for clients to easily reach his offices, so his use of the eager hashtag was brilliant. Dan Newlin’s innovative idea to adopt the hashtag will now allow individuals who suffered misfortune due to the unjust acts of others to get their due justice.