The Advanced And Patient Friendly Osteo Relief Institute

Arthritis is a term referring to joint disease and joint pain. There are over fifty million adults in the United States who suffer from arthritis and there are in excess of 100 different forms . Arthritis is more common among women and as people age. It is also the nations top cause of disability. Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis and causes the cartilage to degenerate. This causes bones to rub together and is extremely painful. Arthritis does not have a cure but treatment options are available. Osteoarthritis has numerous risk factors including previous injuries, age, family history and excess weight. The scope and speed of the disease can be managed by the patient with medical treatments, exercise and the appropriate daily routine.


Individuals suffering from arthritis should gently stretch and exercise shortly before they go to bed. This will help to decrease morning stiffness. Positions must be adjusted on a frequent basis and walking around or standing approximately every thirty minutes is recommended (HealthGrades). Any movement that is repetitive can overuse the joints and increase pain. Extra weight will add to the damage and stress placed on the joints and smoking will damage the connective tissues. Physical activity is critical in the management of arthritis. Strength training must be on a gradual basis and gentle stretches also help with stiffness and pain. The best activities include cycling, low impact aerobics, walking and water exercise. Jumping, running and repetitive motions must be avoided.


The Osteo Relief Institute has numerous locations and are staffed with physical therapists and board certified physicians. The Osteo Relief Institute’s goals are to make sure their patients are treated just like family and to avoid surgery with treatments that are safe. Their treatments have almost no downtime and have been approved by the FDA.


The Osteo Relief Institute uses the latest in technology so they have an edge in relieving pain (Knee Pain Exercise Tips). The staff has been expertly trained to assist their patients any way they possibly can. Every Osteo Relief Institute location is owned independently and trained to provide care and communication centered on their patients. Their treatments are advanced and explained in such a way they are easily understood. The Osteo Relief Institute wants individuals to make well informed and educated decisions for their futures and their health.

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HRF Blasts Messi for Promoting Dictatorship

The Human Rights Foundation recently criticized soccer star Lionel Messi for supporting the Bongo family. Messi had visited Gabon to promote the upcoming 2017 Africa Cup of Nations, which will be held in the country. The player was pictured with the president of Gabon, who is infamous for the dictatorial rule and suspected facilitation of ritual murder of children in Gabon. Lionel denied the allegations that said he accepted £2.46m to take part in the African trip.

The president of HRF, Thor Halvorseen commented on the situation in the organization’s website. He said that Messi had damaged the credibility of his charitable organization. He continued by saying that the superstar claims to advocate for children’s rights by working with UNICEF even though he supports the government that declines to initiate investigations on the murder of children.

He continued by saying that Messi’s trip was part of the Bongo family’s PR campaign to promote the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations to be held in the country. Thor concluded by saying that despite the fact that the Bongo family’s misappropriation has left approximately 20 percent of Gabon population to live on less than $2 a day.

Alex Gladstein, the chief strategy officer of HRF also commented on the matter. He told Messi that it would be ethical to release a statement that showed his support for the country’s activists and environmentalist. He also advised him to press the authorities to investigate the ongoing deaths of children.

The Human Rights Foundation on YouTube captures the nonprofit’s essence. Watch some videos on their channel, and you’ll learn that HRF is a global organization that promotes policies that protect human rights. Thor Halvorssen Mendoza founded the organization in 2005. Thor is from Venezuela and is a film producer and human rights activist. The organization’s headquarters is in New York City. HRF is responsible for the Oslo Freedom Forum, which involves international conferences that are attended by heads of state and other public figures to eradicate human suffering and exposing dictatorships.


Decade-Old Gay Pride Tribute Photo Sparks Outrage

Yesterday, July 1, a gay pride photo, a tribute to a military photo from 1945 that was shot over a decade ago has caused outrage after re-surfacing this last week as a celebration of the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage decision. The photo recreates the iconic image of Marines raising the American flag at Iwo Jima with gay men raising the LGBT+ Pride flag on a mountaintop.

A lot of military groups and individuals have threatened the photographer, Ed Freeman, after re-discovering the photo. Many believe he should have never compared the struggles of gay Americans to the bloody conflict the marines faced long ago.

Yet, there are those who believe the photo is fitting.

Folks at Amen Clinic know that people have a short memory. Homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals, transsexuals, et cetera were not merely ignored or slightly bullied throughout history. Many men and women were treated brutally during the thousands of years that they have struggled for recognition.

Some lost their lives to religious fanatics who, even to this day, proclaim any sexuality that isn’t heterosexuality as an affront to God and normalcy. As a minority, their struggle has not been bloodless. In World War II, they were taken to the Nazi camps along with Jews and other minorities. Many died from experimentation after being institutionalized by force for “mental health problems.” Large numbers were harmed during the height of the AIDS epidemic because they were seen as disease carriers.

Notre Dame Lacrosse Standout Matt Landis

The 2015 NCAA Lacrosse season has come to an end and the outstanding player awards have been handed out. Notre Dame Defenseman Matt Landis was among those athletes that received awards. Landis took home four awards in total for his performance on May 16th against the Albany Great Danes, but also for his outstanding play the entire year.

matt landis my humble opinion
In early May, Landis was named Atlantic Coast Conference 2015 ACC Defensive Player of the Year. He was also recognized as one of best Lacrosse players in the country by being nominated for the 2015 Tewaaraton Award. Thanks to Landis’s and his stellar play, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish lacrosse team was a number seed for the ACC championship.

Matt was once again recognized for his defense when Epoch and Lacrosse Magazine named him Player of the Week. His defensive play against Albany’s Lyle Thompson helped lead Notre Dame to a 14-10 victory. Landis and his defensive teammates were able to keep Albany star Lyle Thompson in check by holding him to only one goal out of eleven tries in the senior’s final game. It was the first time this year that a defensive player won Payer of the Week.

The Notre Dame Lacrosse team ended the season with seven players being named All-American, which is a school record. Landis was only one of three players on the team to be named first team. Landis and the Irish defense finished 12th in caused turnovers, 18th in scoring defense, and ninth in ground balls in the nation.

To cap off the season, Matt Landis was distinguished as NCAA’s most outstanding defenseman in men’s college lacrosse by winning the William C. Schmeisser Award Outstanding Defensive Player of the year award. Matt Landis will continue to help the Notre Dame Lacrosse team as he plans on returning for his senior year in hopes of leading the Irish to a Championship.


D Magazine Lists Dr. Rod Rohrich As Top Plastic Surgeon In Dallas

The unique facial qualities that we each possess are what distinguish one person from another by sight. However, there are situations where perhaps a person needs a change or repair to their physical appearance. This type of procedure is a highly skilled and sensitive procedure that should be performed by the best. Whatever the reason is for needing plastic surgery, Dr. Rod Rohrich is the best in the Dallas area, and the nation, according to a report in D Magazine.

Dr. Rohrich’s view on his role as a plastic surgeon is much deeper than just that of a professional handing out new noses. He is quoted as saying, “Plastic surgery is really from the Greek for ‘to mold’ or ‘to make.’ Plastic surgery is really the best of both – Reconstructive surgery is to restore to normal and cosmetic surgery is to restore to the more natural.” These types of results are only possible when dealing with a skilled and highly educated professional like Dr. Rohrich.

Dr. Rod is now passing his skills on to the next generation of plastic surgeons through his teachings. The beginning of his career he was studying at Baylor College of Medicine where he graduated with honors.

After his schooling, Dr. Rod quickly became widely recognized as a highly skilled plastic and reconstructive surgeon, earning him many acclamations and awards. Some of these titles and achievements include:

  • Professor of Plastic Surgery
  • Founding Chair of the Department of Plastic Surgery at University of Texas SW Medical Center
  • Former holder of the Betty and Warren Woodward Chair in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at UT
  • Distinguished Chair in Plastic Surgery at the Crystal Charity Ball
  • Plastic Surgery Educational Foundation distinguished Service Award
  • Former President of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • Recognized by Texas Monthly Super Docs, America’s Top Plastic Surgeons, and U.S. News & World Report

The support for Dr. Rohrich and his remarkable skill is continuing throughout the medical community. Most recently, Dr. Rod was voted as one of the top plastic surgeons in a confidential poll taken online by thousands of eligible medical professionals. His devotion to the needs of his patients has not wavered, making him the perfect candidate for one of the best plastic surgeons in the Dallas area once again.

Man Attends High School Graduation of Girl He Saved as Baby

Things may not have ended well for Dawnielle Denison if it had not been for the effort of firefighter Mark Hughes. He was a captain of the Wenatchee, Washington fire department when he was called to a burning home. Once there, he barely saved the life of nine-month-old Dawnielle.

“Our engine pulled up and the whole interior part of the house was burning heavily,” said Hughes to ABC News. “My partner and I went in and I got a call on the radio that they suspected somebody was in the house. I went straight to the place in the house that I thought I’d find somebody. The door to the bedroom was partially open and she was in her crib just squirming so i snatched her up and got her to the front door and handed her off to the first firefighter who was there.”

Sam Tabar has learned that seven years ago Hughes wondered what happened to the baby. He tracked her down on Facebook and the two reconnected.

Hughes is now 61-years-old and retired. He kept up with Dawnielle’s progress over the years, even attending some of her high school track meets. He was surprised and excited when she invited him to attend her graduation out of the blue.

Come Join In The Fun On The Skout Network

Anyone looking to have fun online, they may do well by going on the Skout network. Skout has conformed in many ways to its users, and many have chosen Skout as their main social media network. Although there are many social media networks out there today, it’s best to choose one that has a lot of fun things going on. The Skout network is available to adults who want to look for fun, they want to look for a relationship, or they may even want to look for a friend. Skout is available in over a dozen languages, and over 200 million users are on the network.

With so many users on the Skout network, it’s impossible not to find who one may be looking for if they check out the network. Many use the Skout network just so they can find someone to love, but there are some who are only looking for a good friend. Those who live in a certain area, they may have a hard time meeting someone, so the Skout network can be very helpful. Skout allows a person to do a specific search for a certain type of person, and they can search in a particular area.

Seeing that Skout gives a person the opportunity to look for someone in their nearby area, this means that a person can easily find someone close by to befriend, date, or to just hang out with. Another great thing about the Skout network is the fact that profile pictures are not required. Although profile pictures can help one to show themselves to others, some people may not be willing to advertise their pictures as yet, and Skout gives them that option. Skout is available in over 180 countries, and there are many different cultures on the Skout network.

Those who are looking to talk to someone from a different country, they can easily do so by doing a specific search, or by using the shake to chat feature. One of Skout’s most popular features is the “shake to chat” feature, which allows a user to shake their mobile device to get a new chat buddy on their screen. Some will spend hours in the day using the shake to chat feature because it’s so much fun.

Charged With Cheering

When did it become so wrong to cheer for others at a high school graduation? That’s what most people want to do because it’s a time of celebration. In Mississippi, four people were charged because they were cheering for family members while they were on stage. They are supposed to show that they support each other and are proud of the hard work. Alexei Beltyukov has learned that charges of disturbing the peace were filed against the people who were cheering. This is simply ridiculous by the school as people can cheer at sporting events, so why not a graduation? The people could have waited until the end of the ceremony, but they probably got wrapped up in the excitement of the event.