Official Diplomatic Ties With Cuba Being Resumed

The U.S. embargo against Cuba that has been going on since the 1950s is coming to an end. It clearly never achieved its aims as one of the Castro brothers is still in charge on this island and Fidel was in charge until ill health, not our embargo, forced him out. The Obama Administration has already lifted certain travel restrictions to the island nation, and CNN is reporting that it will be announced on Wednesday, July 1 that embassies will be reopened in our respective countries for the first time in over 50 years.

It is about time a normalization of relations is occurring between our two nations. There has always been a bizarre contrast between how we in the U.S. have dealt with Cuba versus how we have dealt with China. For some reason, with China the correct solution was economic engagement and with Cuba it was supposedly economic isolation. Folks at Amen Clinic have found that the biggest reason for this would have to be the large Cuban expatriate community living in South Florida. For decades, this political block forced politicians to come out in favor of the blockade against Cuba, or they risked losing one of the biggest swing states in U.S. presidential politics. As the Bob Dylan songs says, however, “times they are a changin’.” The grown grandchildren of Cuban immigrants living in Florida today don’t see the sense of this decades long boycott anymore and fortunately neither does the Obama Administration.